What You Need to Know About Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum Time Warner Cable TV DealsSpectrum TV offers an incredible array of content – ranging from entertainment and news channels to sports and kids’ shows – at an attractive price. And that pricing is even more attractive when you order one of the three Spectrum TV packages (Select, Silver and Gold) that bundle together cable TV with unlimited nationwide calling and 60 Mbps Internet.

Choosing the right Spectrum TV package for your home

The first step in choosing a Spectrum TV package is determining what type of content you enjoy watching and then finding an appropriate package to meet those viewing needs. The three basic Triple Play packages, in which you combined cable TV, Internet and home phone into one low-cost bundle, include the following:

  • Triple Play Select
  • Triple Play Silver
  • Triple Play Gold

As can be seen below, the primary difference between each of them is the selection of movie channels that are included in each package.

Spectrum Triple Play Select

In this basic package, you still get an assortment of 125+ channels and free HD. And those 125+ channels include some of the most popular channels on cable today, including ESPN, Hallmark, CNN, HGTV and A&E. However, you do not receive any of the premium movie channels. You can immediately see why this bundle makes so much sense – the standalone price for TV select (without Internet or phone) is $64.99 per month.

Cable TV Price: $99.97 per month

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

In this mid-tier package, you get 175+ channels, including the three most popular premium channels: HBO and Showtime. And, just like Triple Play Select, you also get free HD.

Cable TV Price: $124.97 per month

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

In this top-of-the-line package, you get 200+ channels, including every single premium movie channel: HBO, Showtime, STARZ, Starz Encore, and TMC. And, just like the other two packages, you also get free HD.

Cable TV Price: $144.97 per month

Spectrum TV Features

Time Warner Cable Digital Cable TVEach of these packages comes bundled with some amazing features, including:

  • Free HD
  • 10,000+ On Demand choices
  • On-the-go functionality

Let’s take a look at each of these features in more detail.

Spectrum Offers Free HD

Spectrum TV enables you to experience each show or movie you watch in full HD. In fact, Spectrum TV offers more HD channels than any other provider, including any satellite TV service. And all HD channels are included in the price of the package. Each HD channels is up to 6X sharper than conventional SD, so you can immediately see that you’re getting access to exceptional picture quality at an affordable price.

Spectrum Offers DVR Service

Spectrum Time Warner Cable DVR Deals

Having a Digital Video Recorder is essential for anyone with a busy schedule, because it enables you to record shows as they appear on TV and watch them later in their entirety. And, you can just as easily use the DVR functionality to skip past commercials in TV shows you’re watching later. Best of all, you can record either a single show or an entire series, so your Spectrum Digital Video Recorder makes binge watching easy!

And there’s one more amazing feature of the DVR – it lets you stop, pause and rewind live TV. Yes, that’s right. You could be watching a football or baseball game and pause it in the middle, so that you can finish it later. Imagine watching the first 7 innings of a baseball game in the afternoon, pausing for dinner, and then catching the last 2 innings of the game in the evening with the family.

10,000+ On Demand Choices

It’s no secret that Spectrum TV has an absolutely incredible On Demand library of over 10,000 choices, both shows and movies. Spectrum has made 1,500 of these choices available in HD. “On Demand” means exactly what you’d think it means – it means you can watch any show or movie in the archive at any time, whenever you feel like it. Some of these are free, but others are paid choices.

One favorite option is something known as Free Primetime On Demand. This option gives you access to any primetime show on any of the major broadcast networks – NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX. How cool is that? You don’t have to worry about paying for each show individually, like you might have to do with other content providers.

And there’s one more aspect of On Demand that’s so powerful and that’s Spectrum Pay-Per-View. This includes On Demand access to evens and specials, including sports events, concerts and comic performances.

Spectrum Offers On-the-Go Functionality

Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet Deals

You can discover the real power of the Spectrum Cable TV packages when you combine Cable TV with Spectrum Internet. Once you have home Wi-Fi, you can download the Spectrum TV app to your mobile device and watch 170 live TV channels anywhere in your home. And, you can watch 60 different networks on-the-go. The first time you experience this, it will absolutely wow you. Imagine taking your smartphone or tablet with you on vacation or a business trip, and still being able to watch your favorite sports, movies or shows!

Thanks to the Spectrum TV app, you can stream TV content easily and conveniently. Many people like to take advantage of this functionality when they’re busy elsewhere in the house. For example, you could be cooking dinner in the kitchen and watching a cooking TV show on your tablet at the same time.

Spectrum Wrap-up

Deciding how to get your live TV content is an easy choice. The clear winner is Spectrum TV, which offers an amazing selection of content at a very affordable price. You even have the options of getting 3D TV programming. And, best of all, if you decide to bundle your cable TV, Internet and phone into one of three easy packages (Select, Silver, Gold), you can save even more. If you’re looking for a TV content provider that has the best features, the best content and the best service, look no further than Spectrum TV.

Spectrum Cable TV Package FAQs

How much does Spectrum TV cost?

Spectrum TV starts at just $44.99/mo. and includes 125+ channels (many in HD) and thousands of On Demand choices.

Is the Spectrum TV App free?

The Spectrum TV app allows you to watch Live and On Demand TV shows at no additional cost if you're a Spectrum customer.

What are features of Spectrum TV packages?

Spectrum TV packages come with great features like free HD, over 10K On Demand choices, and with the Spectrum App, you can watch all these channels anywhere.

Can I watch local TV stations on Spectrum TV?

Local channels are available in most areas on Spectrum TV, but you should check availability in your area.

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