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Spectrum TV SavingsTime Warner Cable offers a huge selection of television channels for its subscribers. It offers its subscribers everything from sports dramas, kids’ shows, music, news, to weather and more. Most of these channels are offered in stunning high definition and that too at no additional charges. Signing up for a Time Warner Cable TV connection is a pretty sweet deal as it is.

If you are still not satisfied, Time Warner Cable has a little extra, actually a lot extra, for you in the form of premium channels. Apart from the basic plans of Time Warner Cable , all the other plans include the premium channels in their channel list.

Before subscribing to any of the channels separately, make sure that you have done your homework. Since you will be paying for each of the premium channel packages separately, the costs will stack up quickly. If you find yourself subscribing for more than two or three premium networks, then it would be a wise move to subscribe to the higher plans that already include these channels.

Here’s what you can expect from Time Warner Cable in the premium content category.


Time Warner Cable TV SavingsHBO is one of the most popular channel families when it comes to TV entertainment and for all the right reasons. Over a period of time, HBO has built its name to become synonymous with high quality programming. As always, everything good has a price tag to match it. HBO boasts of super successful and an eclectic mix of shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Night Of, Veep, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and more. HBO is not only known for its successful TV shows, but also for the wide variety of movies that it regularly showcases on its channels.

If you do not have HBO channels in your current plan, and wish to enjoy the amazing lineup of shows and movies on the network, you can subscribe to the HBO pack. It costs only $15 per month, for which you get as many as 20 of the network’s channels, depending on the area you live in.

The 20 channels included in the lineup are HBO, HBO HD, HBO Family, HBO Family HD, HBO West, HBO West HD, HBO2 West, HBO2 West HD, HBO Family West, HBO Family West HD, HBO Signature, HBO Signature West, HBO Signature West HD, HBO Comedy, HBO Comedy HD, HBO Latino, HBO Latino HD, HBO Zone, HBO Zone HD, and HBO On Demand.

For $15 a month, this is a great deal, and if you are an HBO fan, this is an absolute essential.


Showtime is another wildly popular channel family that has created a dedicated fan following for itself. Homeland, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, Shameless, and many more owe their allegiance to Showtime. The network is home to some of the most popular shows on television today, regularly features great movies, and also a ton of sports. This is a winning combination and anyone would want to opt for all that Showtime has to offer.

When you subscribe to the premium programming from Showtime, you get access to its 17 channels, some of which are region-specific. These include Showtime, SHO2, Showtime Showcase, SHO Beyond, SHO Extreme, SHO Next, SHO Women, SHO Family Zone, Flix, The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel Extra, and more. In addition to these channels, you get a Showtime On-Demand Channel as well. All of this entertainment can be yours for a monthly price of $15. It is a good deal because you are not just getting TV shows and movies, but additional sports programming with this deal.


Spectrum TV Premium Channel DealsCinemax is primarily known for bringing some of the most popular and critically acclaimed movies to television. But, there is more to Cinemax than that. It also features a lot of original content like Outcast, The Knick, Zane's The Jump Off, and so on. When you subscribe to Cinemax, you get up to fifteen channels that will keep you entertained round the clock. Of course, the channels included in the subscription will vary according to your geographical location.

When you add the Cinemax package, which costs $15 per month, to your plan, you get to enjoy Cinemax East, MoreMax East, 5StarMax East, ActionMax East, MovieMax East, OuterMax East, ThrillerMax East, Cinemax West, MoreMax West, ActionMax West, ThrillerMax West, MovieMax West, 5StarMax West, and OuterMax West, along with an On-Demand channel.

You can actually turn your home into a movie central with this subscription. A Cinemax subscription definitely makes sense if you are a movie buff. Don’t miss out on this offer.


Starz on TWC

Moving on to the next premium offering – Starz. All channels belonging to the Starz family can be yours for just $15 per month. This is another excellent offering that grants you access to up to 12 premium channels, depending on your location. These channels together make up for some high quality movies and original TV shows. The original programming includes shows like Outlander, Power, The Girlfriend Experience, Survivor’s Remorse, and Black Sails, among others.

The twelve channels in the network's lineup include Starz East, Starz Cinema East, Starz Comedy East, Starz Edge East, Starz Kids & Family East, Starz In Black East, Starz West, Starz Cinema West, Starz Comedy West, Starz Edge West, Starz Kids & Family West, and Starz In Black West.

If you are a fan, a monthly fee of $15 is not a very high price for 12 premium channels. However, make sure that you actually enjoy the channels in the lineup, so that you enjoy your money’s worth of entertainment.


Epix on Time Warner Cable

At $15 a month, Epix offers hit Hollywood movies, original shows, comedy programs, and concerts. Impressed? You should be. The network is one of the most loved for its high quality programming. But, it has recently launched a lot of original programming, including the likes of Graves and Berlin Station.

For movie fans, Epix makes complete sense. You get to enjoy the latest Hollywood releases right from your own home. There are so many movies for you to watch that the movie fan in you will always be happy. For music lovers, Epix showcases concerts for them to enjoy from their homes. This is a great addition to your entertainment schedule. It is truly unique that you will not easily find anywhere else.

Time Warner Cable makes it a point to offer its customers all the best possible entertainment. They allow their subscribers to buy these premium channels separately and also have them as part of their many bundles. This enables you to exercise your freedom and consume your entertainment as you like. You don't have to buy a plan and get a bunch of channels you don’t even watch.

You can buy a basic plan and add the premium channels you want. That says a lot about this service provider. Time Warner Cable wants their customers to be completely in charge of their own entertainment. This makes customers feel cared for and is the primary reason why Spectrum Deals have grown so much in popularity over the past few years.

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