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Maybe you’ve seen some amazing deals for bundled Internet and TV services, offering what appears to be very affordable rates. But there’s an even better deal you can get with Spectrum ! Just bundle together three different digital services – TV, Internet and Phone – for an even better price. In fact, it sounds almost unbelievable, but you can get each of these digital services for just $49.99 per month as part of the company’s Triple Play bundles.

All you have to do is bundle together Spectrum Voice with Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet, and you can get each of these amazing services for just $49.99 per month. It’s known as the Triple Play package, and it’s getting a lot of buzz nationwide.

Spectrum TV Packages

The first thing you need to know is that there are three different versions of the Triple Play – Select, Silver and Gold. The primary difference between all of these packages is how many TV channels you will receive. But even in the most affordable package – Triple Play Select – you will get 125+ channels, so don’t worry about being limited in your TV viewing options. You can even watch 3D TV programming!

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each of these exciting packages.

  • 1. Triple Play Select Package - You get access to 125+ channels, including the very best TV channels for entertainment, news, sports and lifestyle programming. That includes major TV networks like CNN and ESPN.
  • 2. Triple Play Silver Package - You get access to 175+ television channels, including all the channels included in Triple Play Select, plus three very popular premium movie channels: HBO and Showtime. You would also pay an additional $24.99 per month for these extra premium channels, but that’s still much cheaper than if you ordered them as standalone channels.
  • 3. Triple Play Gold Package - You get access to 200+ TV channels, including all the channels included in the Triple Play Silver package, plus even more premium movie channels, such as Starz, Starz Encore, and The Movie Channel (TMC).

Best of all, you also get access to a vast treasure trove of On Demand content over 10,000 titles, including movies and TV shows. Plus, over 1,500 of these titles are offered in full HD. And nearly one-half of these On Demand offerings are completely free, including the Primetime On Demand offerings, which include all the popular TV shows you’d find on primetime TV. Instead of watching them between 7 and 10pm at night, you’d be able to watch them whenever you want.

Spectrum DVR Service

Spectrum DVR Service

As if that wasn’t enough stellar content to keep you satisfied, there’s one more feature included in every one of the Spectrum TV packages and that’s the awesome DVR service. That means you can record one show, or an entire series. You can record a single game, or an entire week of games. It’s up to you.

With the Digital Video Recorder you get the unique option of pause, stop and rewind live TV. And with recorded shows, you can fast-forward to all the “good parts.” Using the DVR with live TV almost seems like magic. Imagine pausing a football game in the fourth quarter, having a quick dinner, and then resuming the action – all without missing a single play! You could also pause the game and return to watch the next day when you have more time. This is a popular option if a sports team is playing late at night.

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum Time Warner Cable Bundle Deals

That covers the TV part of the Spectrum package, but doesn’t even begin to hint at what else you get, like free 100 Mbps high speed Internet service. That’s blazing fast speed that you can use to stream movies, download music, play video games or just surf the web. You may not realize how fast 100 Mbps is until you compare it with the speed you’re getting now. 100 Mbps means never having to worry about glitches, lags or “the wheel of death” signifying that your computer has just frozen.

Best of all, you get to share that amazingly fast speed with the whole family. When you get one of the Spectrum Internet Plans. you also get a high-performance router that transforms your home into a super-fast Wi-Fi home network. You can use the web from any room of your home. And, the speed of your connection won’t suffer, no matter how many people are using the Wi-Fi or how many devices are connected at one time. That’s how fast 100 Mbps really is – it ensures that there’s never a bandwidth issue in your home. That’s a perfect option for a growing family, where many people are using the Internet at the same time for different purposes.

Spectrum Voice Plans

Spectrum Time Warner Cable Voice Service

Finally, let’s talk about Spectrum Voice Service. This is simply the premier home phone service you can get today. It includes free nationwide long-distance and local calling, as well as 18 different premium calling features (call waiting, caller ID, voicemail and three-way calling are just among some of the favorite features). You can also sign up for Spectrum Voice International if you make a lot of international calls. You get special rates to 70 different destinations around the world, including most locations within Europe and India. And, everywhere else, you can get super-low per-minute rates.

What makes this such an extraordinary offer overall, though, is that it doesn’t require a contract and there are no hidden fees. If you get a basic Triple Play package, you pay just $49.99 per month for each service. There are no contracts, ever. And there are no “data limits” or “data caps” or “overage fees.” Use TV, Internet and Voice as much as you want, you won’t ever get hit with hidden charges!

For a very limited time, Spectrum is making it even easier to sign up by offering a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try one of the Spectrum Deals for 30 days, and if you’re not absolutely satisfied, simply ask for your money back. What could be easier?

So don’t wait any longer. Spectrum is the best in the business. Join the millions of people around the country who are signing up for Spectrum packages.

Spectrum Package FAQs

What is the cheapest Spectrum cable package?

The cheapest Spectrum TV offer is the Select package for $49.99. The cheapest Spectrum package, which includes TV, Internet, and Phone services starts at $99.97.

Is Spectrum phone included in the package?

Spectrum Voice (home phone) is included in the Triple Play packages or can be added for a monthly fee.

Can I get Spectrum TV & Internet without the phone service?

Yes! You can get the Spectrum TV + Internet bundle, starting at $89.99.

What are the most popular Spectrum packages?

The three most popular Spectrum packages are: Spectrum Select (125+ channels), Silver (175+), and Gold (200+ channels).

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