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Spectrum Time Warner Cable TV DVR ServiceIf you want to enjoy a rich television experience, irrespective of the TV schedules; if you are someone who likes to do things at your own leisure, then the Spectrum DVR Service is exactly what you need in your living room. This cool HD DVR allows you to record, pause, rewind, and fast forward your favorite television shows.

What’s more, it can do all of this in crystal clear high definition. Yes, you do not have to compromise on picture quality (which is usually the case with VCRs), when you are recording shows, and movies. There is a whole world of reasons for you to choose Spectrum Digital Video Recorder Service this very moment. Have a look at a few of them below.

Endless Entertainment

Spectrum DVRs are designed for every type of television viewer. Some TV viewers use their DVRs extensively. They record entire season’s worth of episodes. They never miss any game of their favorite sport, and have tons of them on their DVR. On the other hand, some people only record an occasional blockbuster movie. Whichever group you belong to, Spectrum has the right DVR for your needs.

Spectrum’s DVRs sport different hard disk sizes. Subscribers can pick a DVR that offers the right size of hard disk for them. If your DVR usage is high and you tend to store more number of shows and movies, then go with a DVR that comes with a larger size hard disk. If your DVR usage is not high, then pick a DVR with a smaller size hard disk.

Bear in mind that analog shows take up more space than standard definition digital shows. Further, high definition programs take up even more space than analog shows. You can choose the recording format for your show by calculating how much space is available for storage.

On an average, a typical 80GB hard disk drive can record and store about 30 HD hours of digital programming. The same size hard drive can store up to 50 hours of SD digital programming. If that doesn’t sound enough, then you can always go for a 160GB hard drive version, which will help you record and save 90 hours of SD digital programming.

Seamless Integration

Time Warner Cable Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Spectrum DVR enables the subscribers to record all kinds of programs on television. Whether you want to record dramas, sitcoms, movies, sporting events, or anything else, you can do it all seamlessly with absolutely no hiccups. Switching from recorded shows to live TV is indistinguishable. Everything is presented in a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. This makes it possible for you to access live TV, On-Demand content, and the recorded programs readily.

Record All TV Content

The DVR allows you to record any type of content, irrespective of the channel it is being broadcasted on. You can record programs on premium channels like HBO, STARZ, and so on. The DVR is capable of recording even live sporting events. Whether you are watching the Super Bowl, NFL, NBA, or other sports, you can record them all for later viewing. You can save them and watch them as many times as you like. The only programs that you cannot record are the ones offered under On-demand content.

Scheduled Recordings

Always missing your favorite show, just because you are unable to reach home on time? No more. Now, you can record any show of your choice with scheduled recordings on Spectrum DVR. In fact, you don’t have to do it again and again. You can set the Spectrum DVR to record shows regularly at the time your show airs. This way, every episode of your show will be automatically recorded by the DVR, and you will never miss a single episode.

Spectrum DVR Offers


Evening prime time is the hot time spot for all TV channels. Every channel wants to attract as many viewers as possible during these hours. As you know, they do this by scheduling their best shows during prime time. It is only natural for you to find that 2 of your beloved shows or movies are scheduled at the same time, on two different channels. So, which one are you going to watch then?

Well, with Spectrum DVR, you don’t have to choose between the two. You can enjoy both of them. Yes, you can watch a show on live TV, while your DVR is recording another show on another channel at the same time. Or, you can set your DVR to record 2 live feeds simultaneously.

This feature is not limited to live broadcasts only. It extends to On-Demand programs as well. You can enjoy an On-Demand movie while your DVR is promptly recording a live broadcast show or movie. Spectrum DVR is the definition of flexibility and convenience. It is designed to deliver to you a superior TV viewing experience, unlike anything else in the market.

Superior Convenience

Time Warner Cable Digital TV

Spectrum DVR brings 21st century television experience to the viewers. Your life and activities do not have to revolve around your TV guide. The DVR gives you the power to control your entertainment like never before. You don’t have to hurry home in the fear of missing your favorite show. You won’t have to miss the much anticipated movie of the season because of a family outing.

Thanks to the Spectrum DVR, viewers like you can finally decide your own TV schedule, without missing out on a single program. All you need to do is set the DVR to record live broadcasts at the exact time that your program airs, and you are free to enjoy your day. The DVR will do the job of recording the programs, and storing them for you when you come back home.

You can choose whether to record the shows in standard definition or high definition. Of course, you should have an HD cable subscription and the program should be available in HD. Most of the DVRs offered by Spectrum record previously scheduled shows, even if they are switched off. The DVRs do not need to be switched on to record the programs on television.

All your recorded programs can be viewed at your convenience any way you like. You can pause them, fast forward them, replay them, and what not. Feeling like having popcorn? Don’t wait for the ad break. Just pause the video and start popping. Once you return to the blissful comforts of your couch, you can unpause the video and continue enjoying it. And, who cares about the annoying ads! Skip through all of them by fast-forwarding the videos.

Available Support

Spectrum DVR

If you do not wish to use the DVR from Spectrum, and instead have your own third-party DVR, then you can use that to record Spectrum TV programs as well. But, bear in mind that Spectrum does not offer support to such devices. If you face any technical issues with them, then Spectrum takes zero responsibility for them.

You should also know beforehand that setting up the DVR and Spectrum TV receiver might get confusing for many users. That is why, Spectrum offers installation support to all the subscribers of Spectrum DVR services. However, Spectrum subscribers who are using their own DVRs are not eligible for such assistance.

Spectrum DVR FAQs

Can I record more than one show at a time with Spectrum DVR?

Yes. You can record 2 shows at the same time with the Spectrum DVR.

How many shows can I record with my Spectrum DVR?

The standard Spectrum DVR can record up to 35 hours of HD content and up to 80 hours of SD content.

Does Spectrum TV come with DVR service?

The Spectrum TV receiver comes with a built-in DVR and allows you to record your favorite shows, so that you never miss a moment.

How do I record a show using Spectrum DVR?

Use the Guide to find the show you want to record. Once you select the show, you will be able to follow the on-screen instructions to set a one time or series recording, as well as other recording and storage options.

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