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Spectrum Time Warner Cable TV 3D DealsYour favorite television service provider is bringing you the best entertainment that television can offer, in all new 3D. Yes, you can now enjoy high definition 3D programs on your own 3D TV, thanks to Spectrum . Isn’t it awesome being able to enjoy 3D movies from the comforts of your couch, along with the family, while all of you are snacking on popcorn! We know, that’s a dream come true. Guess what, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy 3D programming. If any channel that you have subscribed to is airing a 3D compatible program, then you will be able to enjoy it in 3D awesomeness. That’s it. No extra fees; no hidden fees; no conditions. Yes, you get 3D for FREE.

On the other hand, if the television channels you have subscribed to do not feature any 3D programs, then you can always go for the 3D On-demand programs, which of course cost you extra depending on the program. So, when can you start enjoying 3D programs? What do you need to watch 3D programs? How will it be different than watching 3D movies in cinemas? We know you are anxious to find answers to all these questions. That is why, we have made a guide that will attempt to answer all your questions about this amazing feature. Hope it helps.

Will I Be Able To Watch All Programs On Spectrum in 3D?

No. Just having a 3D TV and a TV service that supports 3D programs is not enough. The programs that are aired should support 3D viewing. Only then will you be able to enjoy those programs in 3D. A lot of channels do support 3D, but many of them do not. The programs that are airing on channels that do not broadcast 3D compatible programs, will not be available for 3D viewing. On the other hand, many channels do broadcast 3D compatible programs every now and then. In such cases, you can enjoy them in 3D. Also, you can head over to the 3D sections of the program guide to find On-demand 3D programs to enjoy them whenever you feel like it.

How to Find 3D Content on Spectrum?

Finding 3D content to enjoy on your 3D television is quite simple with Spectrum . Navigate to the channels that are broadcasting 3D movies or shows. If the channel offers 3D support, then you will be able to enjoy those programs in 3D, right from the comforts of your home. It goes without saying that in order to enjoy 3D programs on premium channels like HBO, you will need to have cable subscriptions for the respective premium channels.

Navigating to the programs with Spectrum is a breeze too. The typical path that you have to follow will be like this: On-Demand > Premiums > HBO > 3D. Once you reach the 3D section, you can click on any 3D program currently on offer and start watching it. You can follow the same path for other channels as well.

If you wish to watch a 3D movie that is presently not on offer by any of the channels, then you can check the On-demand section. Navigate to On-Demand > Movies > 3D Movies. Select the movie, and enjoy it in all its 3D glory.

What Do You Need?

Time Warner Cable 3D TV ShowsFirst and foremost, you would need a 3D compatible television to watch 3D shows. Most of the traditional televisions do not feature 3D capability. If you are not sure whether your television is capable of displaying 3D programs or not, then check with your manufacturer. Also, bear in mind that most of the older 3D TVs are not compatible with the 3D content streamed by Spectrum . In fact, Spectrum makes use of the latest 3D technology, which was implemented in mainstream 3D televisions that came after 2010. So, if you do own a 3D TV older than that, chances are that it is not compatible with the 3D content offered by Spectrum .

Secondly, you will need compatible 3D glasses to enjoy movies in 3D. No, any 3D glasses won’t do. You have to have 3D glasses that are compatible with the specific model of your 3D TV.

In addition to these two, you will be needing the remote control that came with your 3D TV, and an HDMI capable HD Spectrum receiver. The remote that came with your 3D TV will have all the controls needed to watch 3D programs according to your preferences. The Spectrum receiver is what receives the Spectrum content, and displays it on the television. It goes without saying that you will need to connect the receiver to the television using an HDMI cable.

Setting Up Your Television for 3D Viewing

Now you have a 3D TV, a suitable Spectrum TV package, and a compatible Spectrum receiver. You have now connected the TV to the receiver using an HDMI cable. What next?

The next step is setting up your 3D TV to 3D mode. All 3D TV display the traditional 2D HD programs, just like the 2D televisions. They must be set to 3D mode for them to display content in 3D. You can do this by using the remote that comes with the 3D TV. It will have suitable controls to enable the 3D mode.

Once your TV has been set to 3D mode, it will start projecting two identical images simultaneously on the screen. Depending on the type of 3D TV you own, you may notice that the images on your screen are now blurred. Once you wear the 3D glasses that are compatible with your TV, the picture will become clear. The glasses will filter the images such that both of your eyes receive slightly different images, resulting in the perception of the depth of images.

Mind you, some of the 3D glasses are battery-operated. Naturally, if you want to enjoy a smooth viewing experience, then make sure that your glasses are running on batteries that have enough charge. If they run out of charge, then you will not be able to get the 3D experience on them anymore, until you stick in fully charged batteries again.

Finally, you will have to choose the orientation of the programming on the TV. The two identical images that are projected on the screen, could appear side-by-side, or top-to-bottom. Check out the screen without the 3D glasses when a 3D movie is playing, and you will see what we mean. You can choose whether the side-by-side orientation gives you a better experience or the top-to-bottom.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for on of the Spectrum deals and start enjoying high definition 3D movies right away. Rent 3D movies and enjoy them with your entire family, and save on the expensive cinema tickets. Also, nothing can be cushier and more comfortable than your own couch, can it?

Spectrum 3D FAQs

Can I watch 3D movies on Spectrum TV?

Yes, but you must also have a 3D TV in order to view 3D content. 3D programming is not available in all markets.

How do I find 3D programming on Spectrum TV?

To see available 3D movies, press the Guide button on your remote, go to Movies On Demand, and then 3D.

How do I access HBO 3D movies on Spectrum TV?

To view a list of available HBO 3D movies, press the On Demand button on your remote, go to Premium, HBO, 3D Movies.

Are 3D movies free with Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV offers some 3D programming for free and others are available for an additional fee.

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