50 of Lady Gaga's Wildest Outfits

Lady GaGa 50 Outrageous Outfits

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous style which has captured the fascinations of so many people. There are select few, if any, who have ever met the level of Lady Gaga's sense of style which is bizarre, sometimes even controversial and confusing. There are few popstars who better know and love shocking and dazzling their fans.

So where exactly do these outlandish fashion ideas come from? What inspired them? According to Lady Gaga, Cher was her acting fashion role model. Cher had her own unorthodox style which used to make headlines which Lady Gaga was exposed to when she was younger. Lady Gaga feels that she made Cher's style her own, possibly through subconscious influence. It might have been subliminal, in fact, that Lady Gaga knew she would one day end up like Cher. Her favorite outfit of Cher's is the barely-there bodysuit and leather jacket combination, which Lady Gaga claims is her daily look. She says that, just like everyone else, there are clothes she likes and things she doesn't. Just because her sense of style is a little wild doesn't mean she would wear anything, and it doesn't mean she doesn't wear sweatpants when she's just rehearsing either.

There was a period of time, however, when wild and outrageous wasn't exactly the case for her fashion. Lady Gaga took a six-month break a couple of years ago, returning in August of 2013. Brandon Maxwell, her stylist, informed the public that she would have a fresh fashion look which was a little more toned down and low key. Lady Gaga chose more minimalist pieces in order to promote ARTPOP, her new album. This included tones which were more monotonous and muted, as well as simple footwear and accessories. It came as little surprise to most that this new trend of Lady Gaga's wasn't a lasting one. Before long she was strutting her famous shocking style. She was soon seen in her more appropriate outfits, one of which resembled a giant rose bush, and she accessorized with things like mind-blowing head pieces and seashells.

Gaga explains that her restless soul manifests itself in physical ways, evidently through her clothing. She states that by going from one bizarre outfit to the next her soul is searching for the next thing on the horizon and staying restless. If she picks one single style, then she is settling on something new. Some critics, however, find themselves doubting whether or not that is the genuine truth. Does Lady Gaga actually use her attention-grabbing fashion to stay a relevant figure? After ARTPOP's reviews were less than favorable is it possible she is using her clothing for leverage? While that may not be known right now, it is up for debate, and there are certainly plenty of opinions going around about the matter. In the mean time viewers can't help but be wowed by Lady Gaga's colorful and endless imagination. Whether it is to draw attention and stay relevant, or whether it is genuinely in Lady Gaga's nature, it is definitely entertainment. 

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