James Spader’s Fantastic Acting Career

James Spader - Actor

James Spader’s Amazing Career

James Spader needs no introduction. The actor has made a niche for himself in Hollywood by playing roles that are not necessarily mainstream. He has donned some of the most memorable roles in the television and film history, which have rightfully earned him many accolades.

Ever since childhood, James Spader was always drawn towards acting and eventually gave up his education to pursue acting full time at a young age of 17. He trained as a professional actor at the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio in New York. His debut came with the role of Jimmy in the 1978 movie, Team-Mates. However, his first big role was in Endless Love. This 1981 movie starred Brooke Shields in the lead role, while James Spader played her brother.

This was followed by a phase in which Spader did a lot of teen movies and one-off roles. He played Donny Tison in the television film, A Killer in the Family (1983), Buddy Gant in Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction (1983), Lowell Everall in Family Secrets (1984) and a small role in Diner (1983), Tuff Turf (1985), The New Kids (1985), and Starcrossed (1985). It was only after this barrage of movies that success finally started coming his way in the mid-eighties. Now was the time that James started doing noticeable roles, but most of these roles had shades of gray. He played the jealous Steff in Pretty in Pink, the drug dealer Rip in Less Than Zero; he was the greedy Wall Street Lawyer in the Wall Street. But, it was his portrayal of a loner in Sex, Lies and Videotape that earned him a Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival and made him an A-lister.

The award-winning role influenced his future film choices and he played a similar role in White Palace, Crash and Secretary, throughout the nineties. He did many not-so-great movies during this time and it was television that has now brought him international fame. In 2003, James Spader took up the role of the lawyer, Alan Shore. He was widely applauded for his portrayal of the anti-hero and he went on to do the same role in Boston Legal. This show ran for a successful five seasons. In 2009, he made his Broadway debut with a David Mamet production, Race. He returned to television with another successful role of Robert California. 2011 also saw him in Lincoln, a film which was highly appreciated by the critics.

After two successful roles on television, Spader hit another home run with The Blacklist. The portrayal of Raymond Reddington by him has been much loved by both audiences and critics alike. It has been a huge success and has added another star to the sparkling career of the actor. In 2015, James Spader played the role of Ultron in the superhero movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

James Spader has had a successful career that is still going strong. He has been able to do justice to every role he has played and is one of the most loved stars of Hollywood.

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