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Time Warner Cable TV Deals IllinoisChoosing an Internet, TV or Voice provider in Illinois can be a difficult decision. Many options are available, and each typically comes with the ability to "bundle" services to cut costs, so deciding which one provides the most value requires a bit of study. Time Warner Cable in Illinois offers all three of these services, and three primary packages for subscribers to choose from: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold. In fact, Time Warner Cable package options for businesses or residences make it the ideal choice for any, or all, of these services.

200+ TV channels

The Spectrum TV Packages in Illinois include digital channels complete with HD viewing options. Everything from basic cable to premium movie channel subscriptions are offered, and customers can choose the amount of channels that is right for them. With the Triple Play Select, you get access to 125+ channels, including CNN and ESPN. With Triple Play Silver, you get access to 175+ channels, including three premium movie channels: HBO, Showtime and Cinema. And with Triple Play Gold, you get access to 200+ channels, including additional premium movie channels.

On Demand Offerings

You also get access to over 10,000 On Demand offerings, including the very best TV shows and movies. More than 1,500 of these On Demand offerings are available in HD, giving you a crisp, vibrant picture. Approximately half of the 10,000 On Demand offerings are completely free, including Primetime On Demand, which gives you access to free primetime TV shows from networks like ABC, NBC and Fox.

Time Warner High Speed Internet IllinoisFree DVR Service

Each package option also comes with free Time Warner Cable DVR service in Illinois. This DVR will allow users to record multiple shows or movies and watch them at their leisure – no more missed episodes! Pausing and rewinding while viewing are also features of Time Warner Spectrum TV packages, using the Digital Video Recorder service.

Some of the highlights of Time Warner Cable TV’s DVR are as follows:

  • The HD DVR that you get with new cable TV connection is free. No monthly fee, no one-time-payment, and no discounted fee. Just free DVR for an entire year.
  • The DVR allows you to record up to 8 shows simultaneously. This means, you can program the DVR to record shows while you are watching TV simultaneously. In fact, your family could be watching TV on 4 different TVs, and each one of them can still program the DVR to record a different show for them.
  • Also, the DVR is so user-friendly that you can schedule it to record programs. You don’t have to be there for the DVR to record programs.
  • Record up to 90 hours of programming, depending on the hard disk version of your DVR and the resolution quality of program recordings.

For those who enjoy knowing what they will be watching without channel flipping, an on-screen user friendly guide is available. Aside from helping to choose which channel to view, this guide can be helpful to new users learning about the different cable channels available, and is an easy way to find On Demand movies and shows. With free and paid On Demand options, viewers will have limitless choices concerning what (and when) to watch.

Blazing Fast Internet Speeds

Time Warner Cable in Illinois offers high-speed Internet that clocks in at 60 Mbps – that’s 20 times faster than DSL. That’s more than enough speed for basic Internet needs - emailing, browsing the Internet and online banking. It also enables the flawless transfer of videos, pictures, and content, whether you are downloading, uploading or streaming. You can stream full-length movies and play the most graphics-intensive video games, with no worries about somehow exceeding your bandwidth. There are never any data limits or any data caps.

Home Wi-Fi Network

With Time Warner Internet in Illinois you are getting a high-performance router that blankets your home with free Wi-Fi. This means that you get to share your blazing fast 60 Mbps connections with the entire family. There are no limits as to how many users or how many devices can be connected to the network at any time. This is a great feature for a growing family. You can be streaming a movie in the bedroom while your kids are playing video games in the main living room. There’s plenty of bandwidth to go around for everyone.

Time Warner Cable Security Suite

The Time Warner Cable Security Suite provides anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-malware protection for up 10 different computers. It also enables parents to establish parental controls, to prevent their kids from visiting certain websites on the Internet. In an era of hackers and cyber criminals, it’s absolutely vital to have this kind of security protection. With Spectrum Security Suite , you have the peace of mind of knowing that your private emails are always protected from the prying eyes of hackers.

Time Warner Illinois PackagesBest-in-Class Phone Features

The digital home phone service, known as Time Warner Cable Voice in Illinois is a fantastic choice because it will work with previously installed equipment like phone lines, jacks, and even phones. This service requires no additional equipment, and offers features like caller ID that will show on a TV screen (when you subscribe to Time Warner Cable TV), call waiting, call forwarding, and three way calling. Another perk is anonymous call rejection, which will automatically block calls from unknown and unpublished phone numbers, reducing the amount of unwanted phone calls.

Free Nationwide Long-Distance Calling

Unlimited local and long distance calls in the United States and Canada are included in the package, and new subscribers can keep their old phone number, making the switch as seamless as possible. As part of this free nationwide long-distance option, you also get free calls to Mexico and parts of the Caribbean, including Mexico. An International calling plan is available, making it simple to keep in touch with family and friends at great distances. This International calling plan covers over 70 popular destinations. For other destinations, low per-minute costs apply.

Amazing Additional Features
Apart from all these benefits, Time Warner Cable also offers these great benefits to take your experience to the next level:

  • Spectrum TV App allows you to enjoy 170+ channels in your home on any of your mobile device via Spectrum internet
  • Access content from over 60 channels on-the-go with the Spectrum TV App
  • Free HD versions of all channels that you are subscribed to (If those channels have HD versions)
  • Massive discounts on combo packages

Friendly Customer Service

Time Warner Cable in Illinois prides itself on its industry-leading customer service for businesses and residences, and that includes availability of customer service professionals on a 24/7 basis. You never have to worry about getting your calls answered the next business day – there’s always a live person waiting to help you with your problem or concern. It’s all part of Time Warner Cable ’s commitment to offering a truly best-in-class service.

No Contracts

Best of all, there are no contracts involved when you want to sign up for one of the Time Warner Cable Bundles. In fact, if you are currently stuck in a contract with another service provider, Time Warner Cable will buy out your existing contract and over up to $500 in early-termination fees.

Time Warner Cable continually ensures that subscribers are getting the best possible services at the best possible prices. Time Warner Cable ’s extensive selection of services, channels, equipment, and speed is more than enough to keep even the choosiest customers completely happy and satisfied. And, now for a limited time only, Time Warner Cable is offering a 30-day money back guarantee for customers in Illinois. Try a Spectrum package for 30 days – if you’re not absolutely satisfied, you can get your money back.

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