Game of Thrones TV Series Castles

Game of Thrones TV Series Castles

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television show adapted from a series of books created by author George R. R. Martin. The show was adapted by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss into an HBO original series that follows closely with the books’ original plotlines, though diverges in later seasons. Game of Thrones originally premiered on HBO in the United States on April 2011. Since its debut, Game of Thrones has released four seasons, with its fifth season scheduled to air starting in April of 2015.

The story of Game of Thrones is not particularly liner, in that it weaves together several different perspectives to tell an all-inclusive story. These perspective characters are each struggling with their own personal wars, not to mention the overall war that’s consumed much of the continent of Westeros.

The HBO adaption of Game of Thrones was criticized early on for its liberal use of nudity. Although Martin’s world and its people had a very casual attitude in regards to sex, it was never used distastefully or simply for the shock value. It was always used as some method of characterization, relationship building or to further complicate the plot. It wasn’t described in detail for this reason, as well. Similarly, the show’s been called out because of its graphically violent scenes, which became more apparent as the seasons continued on, reaching an all-time high in the fourth season.

In addition to the liberal use of nudity, there’s also the issue of rape and how it’s treated and added in the adaptation, where it was either hinted at or never mentioned in the original story. The introduction in the first episode of Daenerys and her marriage to Khal Drogo is vastly different from the consummation of their relationship in the book. While one was sweet and consenting, the other was a traumatic rape scene.

However, despite these set-backs, or rather because of them, Game of Thrones has grown as a television show, bringing to life the characters readers and fans could only have dreamed about years before.

The world premiere of Game of Thrones’ season five brought with it a new wave of hope, and demonstration of the directors’ ability to master the world of Westeros. Unlike previous seasons, the beginning of season five opened with a different pace, and an altogether different feel, for the characters and the world of Westeros, as well as the audience. ¬†The opener was confident and poignant, aware of itself and its past, and capable of creating something better, something that the audience has waited with baited breath for during its winter hiatus.

Since the infamous Red Wedding, with the death of Robb Stark’s rebellion, hope was but a fleeting memory for the people of Westeros. Consumed in a war fought by nobles and bastards, the denizens of this war-ravaged continent locked themselves away and wished only for death. However, with the emergence of a new character, the High Sparrow, perhaps Westeros will finally be able to return to the way it had been, before civil war ravaged the land and her people completely. ¬†Perhaps the people of Westeros will finally be able to hope once more.

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