Zac Efron Hints at High School Musical Reunion

Is there a High School Musical reunion in the works? Don’t “bet on it”—but Zac Efron, famous for his role in all three of the popular High School Musical films, has gone on the record saying he would love to reunite with his former cast mates and reprise his role if Disney thinks the cards are right for a new High School Musical film.

This statement may come as a surprise to Efron fans, who have watched this former Disney Channel teen star grow into more mature, serious roles in recent years; but many fans would likely agree that a return to his roots would be something fun and exciting to see.

In a recent interview with E!Online, Efron revealed not only that he would be keen on a High School Musical reunion, but that he regularly meets up with his former High School Musical cast mates. And, he revealed, many of them are also up for a return to their musical roots.

“We’re all thinking about it,” Efron revealed. “… there’s just this look between us. It’s so cool [to see] because we never forget a single moment [of our experience with the films.]”

Another High School musical film would be vastly different from what we have seen from the trilogy’s former alumni in recent years. Efron appeared in the drama Me and Orson Welles in 2009 and Vanessa Hudgens recently appeared in Machete Kills and Spring Breakers, two films much grittier and vastly different from her breakout role as the sweetheart of High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.

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High School Musical Cast

Although it seems that at least a few of the stars from the films are willing to make a return, the bigger question is this: will it really be happening? The Disney Channel has certainly changed in the years since the first two film’s premiered to rave reviews—the closest it has come to another ‘musical’ franchise was the satirical Teen Beach Movie, which many saw as a semi-parody of a High School musical style film and received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

So far, neither a representative from Disney or the Disney Channel has made a statement for or against another High School Musical film. Only time will tell whether the rumors and hopes from former cast members—and plenty of fans—will become a reality. To watch the first High School Musical film, take a look at high-speed internet plans and stream it on Netflix!


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