Why You Should Give Birdman a Chance

Birdman isn’t your typical film about a caped superhero—in fact; it’s technically not about a real superhero at all! The film centers on a washed up actor, played by Michael Keaton, who once became famous for starring in an adaptation of the (fictional) comic book, Birdman. The actor, who is trying to reinvigorate his career, decides to take a risk by mounting a Broadway musical adaptation of Birdman.

While the film’s premise may seem a little out there, the film is actually one of the best pictures of the year. If you still aren’t convinced, consider the following reasons why you should be giving Birdman a chance.

An Excellent Cast

The cast of Birdman is as eclectic as they are talented. Michael Keaton stars in the lead role as the aging actor who tries to revitalize his career, while Ed Norton appears as an out-of-work actor with a reputation for being difficult to work with (similar, in many respects, to Norton’s real reputation in Hollywood) and Emma Stone appears as the actor’s frustrated daughter; Zach Galifinakis and Naomi Watts also have notable roles in the film, with Galifinakis making a special impression with his hilarious appearance.

The Cinematography

Michael Keaton as 'Birdman'
Michael Keaton as ‘Birdman’

The film boasts some impressive cinematography, all thanks to the ambitious director. The original concept for the film was to have it be done in a single long take—think “Russian Ark”—but this had to be modified due to the logistics of the movie. However, most of the scenes in the film were done with long shots, which were then spliced together to create the almost seamless appearance of a single, long take for the movie. Despite these long takes, which can make effects difficult to pull off, the film has some very impressive moments—such as the scene where we see black wings suddenly pouting behind Michael Keaton in the film’s trailer.

Michael Keaton is Amazing

Michael Keaton has stuck mostly to low-key roles since he played Batman. His performance in Birdman is nothing short of amazing; the character is essentially the complete opposite of Keaton’s normal personality and by the end of the film, Keaton’s character becomes so stressed and unraveled that it is bizarre, hilarious and a little bit sad to see! Keaton definitely turned in an excellent performance for this film, which would be worth watching for Keaton alone.


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