Why Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model Has Endured

The initial premier of America’s Next Top Model produced by Tyra Banks and starring Banks as the show’s primary host and judge, received mixed to positive reviews. Most critics believed the show’s premise to be unique, the host and judge panel to be solid if a little boring, and the general execution of the show to be interesting for the most part—but, sometimes a little bland. However, by the end of the show’s first season, it had not only spiked in ratings but received increasingly glowing reviews from fans and TV critics who were flocking to the glamour, the beauty and the drama of the show. It’s second, third, fourth—and so on—seasons continued to show why the show (and its main judge, Tyra) were a favorite among TV audiences for many successful years.

Although the show’s ratings are not quite what they used to be, it is still considered one of the most hotly anticipated reality TV shows of the reason. But why, or how, has Tyra Banks’s America’s Next Top model endured as a staple of reality TV for all these years? What is it that keeps fans coming back for more?

One of the primary reasons is, of course, Tyra herself! Although Tyra is no longer the host of her own talk show, there is a reason why her show remained popular for the many years that is ran—TV audiences love Tyra Banks! Tyra is the perfect example of a successful woman who is dedicated to her craft, caring about the people she involves in her reality shows (and her talk show, for that matter) and interested in helping people become the best that they can be. It also helps that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to modeling and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion when someone is just not clicking—and when someone is shining like a star.

Another reason that the show has endured is its ability to be creative, innovative and fashion-forward all at the same time. Everything from animal props to unique costumes to quirky themes can be found in the photo shoots. Every season, new and increasingly creative photo shoots are staged to the delight of audiences, who can’t get enough of viewing the “final product” for model’s photo shoots… whether the final product is worth stunning praise from Tyra or a disappointed frown and criticism. Binge watch seasons of ANTM whenever you want with a current promotion from Time Warner Cable internet.


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