Where Will The Good Wife Go From Here?

Fans of The Good Wife were stunned, devastated and definitely affected by the show’s decision to kill off Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles) during a courtroom scene; the decision was highly unexpected by fans of the show, many of whom blew up twitter and other social media sites in the aftermath with their emotional reactions. But just where will the show go from here?  A preview of the mid season finale has answered some—but not all—of many fan’s burning questions.

The characters reactions are varied

The Good Wife car scene
The Good Wife car scene

The Good Wife has always done well with writing emotion, and the mid season finale will be no exception. The character’s responses to the death of Will Gardner will be as varied as they would be in real life—there will be sadness, anger, denial, and even confusion. Each character will handle (or, in some cases, not handle) his death in a way that is unique and compelling.

The message gets explained—somewhat

The mysterious message that Will left on Alicia’s phone will be discussed in the mid season finale, but it won’t be completely explained. Alicia is determined to find out why Will left the message, and what exactly it means, and goes to great lengths to find out as much as she can about Will’s state of mind; how she decides to interpret her findings (and, ultimately, Will’s message) could have a significant and lasting impact on her character and the show.

The future of the voter fraud case

The Good Wife
The Good Wife

Will was a major part of Governor Florrick’s voter fraud case–but without Will, will the case be able to continue? Or will it be dropped? The potential future of of the investigation will be addressed in the mid season finale, although not all viewers will be happy with the decision!

Diane’s new tactics

The future of Lockhart Gardner was thought to be up in the air by fans, but those fans who were wondering about the company need not worry: in the mid season finale, Diane will make a big decision about the future of Lockhart Gardner. This decision is not only life changing for Diane, it’s significant for the other characters in the series because her decision is not just swift, but ruthless; this could indicate that Diane, spurred by the death of her very good friend and partner in business, could become a completely different (and more brutal) person.


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