What We Hope From Resurrection Season 2

ABC’s Resurrection is one of the most unique dramas on network television. Resurrection revolves around the mysterious reappearances of people who were believed to be dead—ranging from a young boy who drowned in a creek to a young pregnant woman who committed suicide. The show’s primary focus in season 1 was the emotional reactions experienced by the loved ones of those who had returned—including joy at seeing their loved one, grief at old wounds being reopened, fear that the person isn’t really their dead loved one, just to name a few things.

In season 1’s last episodes, however, more of the mystery was revealed. A visiting scientist discovered that the blood of the returned actively killed the cancer in his cells; meanwhile, more and more returned appeared in the town, going from three isolated cases to dozens and potentially hundreds of people returned from the dead. The season ended with an intense cliffhanger: Agent Belamy and Jacob surrounded by government vehicles, only for the final shot to reveal that Agent Belamy had the same birthmark on his neck as an infant that a returned family was looking for.

The show’s first season was no doubt intense, and was fairly well received critically—there was hardly any doubt that ABC would renew the show. But what can we expect, or more importantly, what do we hope to see from the show’s second season?

More Rachel.

Rachel is easily one of the most intriguing characters on the show, namely because her presence invites so many questions. Rachel’s pregnancy alone invites countless questions—will her baby technically be one of the returned? Will it possess any unusual traits, such as the extreme hunger reported by those who have come back from the dead? The other mystery, of course, is Rachel’s second reappearance. Her second death resulted in a second resurrection—does this second resurrection change anything about her personality or even her biology?

A look into Agent Belamy’s past.

The biggest reveal of the season was that Belamy has his own connection to the “resurrected.” Did the infant Belamy survive the accident? Or did he die and resurrect decades before his family did? If Belamy did resurrect, he may very well be one of the first—if not the first—resurrected person from Arcadia. His ties to the town, then, would be deeper than ever before.


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