What Are the Worst Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes?

The annual Treehouse of Horror episodes are arguably the most anticipated Simpsons episode of the year, especially for fans that have been following the Treehouse of Horror segments from the beginning and enjoy seeing just how creepy the Simpsons can get. While some Treehouse of Horror episodes have brought grisly humor and great thrills, there are some episodes which are just downright awful. The very worst Treehouse of Horror offenders feature segments that are bland—and sometimes not even horror related—as well as segments that veer into such awkward territory that they ruin whatever good the rest of the episode boasted. Which episodes are the very worst? Let’s take a look! 

Treehouse of Horror XXII

Would it surprise you to learn that this Treehouse of Horror only has one segment that can be called horror-related? The first segment of the episode (The Diving Bell and the Butterball) is a Spider Man parody that somehow manages to leave Homer literally farting spider webs out of his backside–and that’s no exaggeration. The third segment of the episode (In the Na’vi) is a fairly straight parody of Avatar, except for one key detail: in this segment, Nazis have taken over the world and Krusty the Clown, who is having trouble keeping his Nazi audiences entertained, enlists of the help of Bart and Milhouse to infiltrate an alien world with a secret chemical that is said to improve people’s moods.  Nothing more can be said!

Treehouse of Horror XIX

Most Simpsons fans would agree that the 19th incarnation of Treehouse of Horror is the worst–or at least, very close to the top. This episode features one segment that doesn’t belong anywhere near a Halloween episode (Untitled Robot Parody); one segment that tries to be creepy but is too chock full of bad one-liners to get anywhere good (How to Get Ahead in Deadvertising); and one segment that is fantastic up until things get awkward and terrible (It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse).

Untitled Robot Parody is a Transformers parody that takes place during Christmas, of all seasons, and is the worst offender of the episode. How to Get Ahead in Deadvertising is bland and too full of cheesy impressions to be enjoyable. It’s the Grand Pumpkin; Milhouse starts as an entertaining parody of it’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown–and then quickly nosedives as soon as the titular Grand Pumpkin appears.


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