TWC Gives Hope to a Homeless Veteran as Part of its Veterans Hiring Program

Time Warner Cable has always been committed to the betterment of the lives of the country’s military veterans. In fact, TWC has taken a strong initiative to provide employment for the people who put their lives on the frontline for defending this country. As part of this initiative, TWC recently welcomed another veteran to their family. The veteran, Ivory Alexander, was in the Navy before returning home. But, when he left the Navy, he was left not only jobless but homeless too. When there was little hope left in his life, Ivory received a job offer from TWC. His story is truly an uplifting and emotional roller coaster, which will inspire more businesses to come forward and create special programs for veterans.

A few years ago, when Ivory left the Navy, he didn’t have a life waiting back at home that he expected. He couldn’t get or stay in any jobs that he got, mainly because he didn’t have a support system to maintain the job. He was homeless, and was not in a position to do anything about it. Naturally, he was frustrated with the way things were going. Standing in line for free meals became the routine of his life. This is the story of a man who is not lazy or didn’t want to work. He had the burning desire to work, and to get back up on his feet. But, the system is simply not designed to help the people in need. During this time, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) became his only support system. However, all these things changed when Ivory caught the attention of the people from the talent acquisition team at the TWC.

Better opportunities are with Time Warner Cable

Today, Ivory works at as the Customer Care Representative of the Time Warner Cable. TWC trained Ivory in the various aspects of the customer issues that crop up from time to time. Soon, he was able to handle all the calls by himself. But, more important than that, Ivory is valued for what he does for the company. Speaking about this, Ivory said, “There’s a great support system for me here. There’s people who always have my back. They’ve enabled me to open my mind up to better things”. Ivory now has great confidence in himself and believes that his “potential is limitless”.
Ivory is not an outlier case in the country. It is estimated that roughly 48,000 veterans are homeless in the country. This is quite a disturbing situation for the country as a whole. But, TWC has taken it upon itself to help change the lives of the veterans for better. Currently, 8.2 percent of the entire workforce of TWC is constituted of veterans. This is much higher than the national average. This demonstrates TWC’s hard work to make a difference to the lives of veterans. The company achieves this by means of multiple channels. It has established a VetNet Employee Network, which is made of veterans, allies and families who have members in the military. Then there are initiatives such as Mission Media/Veterans Advisory Council, TWC’s Veterans and Military Page, and so on, which help the company to reach out to veterans who can be hired by the organization.

A highly supportive environment is essential for veterans to get acclimated to the civilian jobs. They find it difficult to translate their active duty skills to a civilian job. Moreover, after spending a few years in the military, the veterans cannot go back to formal education process such as school or college. Most of them have a family, and need money to support them. Therefore, they are left with no option but to find a job.

Jai Cotman is one of the vets that was originally hired through the program

Hundreds of veterans have found a very supportive employment opportunity with TWC. The job roles offered by the organization to the veterans do make use of their unique sets of skills and abilities. For instance, the soldiers were trained to perform a task or mission during their active duty. Similarly, cable technicians and customer support representatives are assigned daily tasks or conditions that they should fulfil by the end of the day. Thus, veterans are now able to concentrate on their job and perform them efficiently.

TWC’s efforts is not only extended to the veterans, but also to the reservists and members of the National Guard. Time Warner Cable has proved to be the one place where all the people who have served our country can find a supporting environment, and grow in life.

Dave Gouldner is another Vet that was hired by TWC, and now holds a great position at the company


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