Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Grimm’s David Giuntoli

David Giuntoli is one of the fastest rising stars on television—for obvious reasons! His role in NBC’S successful supernatural crime drama, Grimm, has quickly made him a household name for anyone who enjoys supernatural shows, fairy tales, or unique crime dramas with great twists. For fans of the show, it has been interesting to see how David Giuntoli has taken the role of Nick from a relatively naïve cop with no inkling of anything otherworldly to a role where his everyday life is filled with the strange, unusual and unforgettable. David Giuntoli has not only done well with portraying the transformation of Nick’s character, he has brought some great acting moments to the tables throughout Grimm’s current 3 seasons. But how much do you know about actor David Giuntoli? Let’s take a look at some trivia that you—probably—didn’t know about this “Grimm” detective!

Trivia: He has a business and finance degree

David Giuntoli didn’t plan on pursuing a career in acting at first. Although he had some interest in acting growing up, he decided to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Finance from Indiana University Bloomington instead. Although he originally decided that a career in finance or business was the best move for him, he eventually decided that he would rather pursue his passion, even if it was a riskier move. David decided to move to Los Angeles in the 90s, where he would have better luck finding acting jobs.

Trivia: His first TV roles were on reality shows

Although today known for his role on a crime drama, David Giuntoli’s first TV roles were something altogether different! The actor’s first TV appearances were on various reality shows, including The Challenge and Road Rules. David Giuntoli’s other film and TV roles include roles on Private Practice, Hot in Cleveland, The Deep End, Love Bites, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Privileged, Eli Stone and Ghost Whisperer.

Trivia: He once auditioned for the role of Superman and Clark Kent

The actor revealed in an interview that he once auditioned for the role of Clark Kent and Superman—although Giuntoli did not reveal which film (or TV series!) he had auditioned for. The actor did not get the role, but the audition allowed him to network which did lead him to other TV acting opportunities at the time. To stream Grimm, check out an internet plan from Charter Spectrum.


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