Things You Didn’t Know About Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in the entire world. The show, based on books written by George RR Martin, has been the most successful show to air on HBO in many years. The show has spawned everything from t-shirts, figurines, posters, and even fan made projects such as costumes and websites. There is seemingly no end to the popularity of the show, which is so popular worldwide that it has actually become the most pirated TV series of all time!

But if you think you know everything there is to know about Game of Thrones: think again!

The following are some trivia that you (probably) didn’t know about this hit TV show.

Some Parents Are Using the Show As Name Inspiration

It’s not too unusual for parents-to-be to draw inspiration for their children’s names from favorite things, like books or movies. But the unusual names in Game of Thrones make these inspired names stand out! In 2012, the name Arya was in the list of 10 ten most popular girls names in the United States; Khaleesi (which is actually a title given to Dany, not a real name) and Sansa were also found in the 2012 name census.

George R.R. Martin Wanted Only Peter Dinklage For The Role of Tyrion

Tyrion Lannister has become Peter Dinklage’s most iconic role—but did you know that Dinklage was the only actor that Martin considered for the role? Martin considered Dinklage to be the perfect choice for the character, how has easily become one of the most popular in the series.


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