The real Fixer-Upper

Fixer Upper is an American reality-television home improvement show that airs on the HGTV television network. The television series follows Chip and Joanna Gaines, who serve as both the show’s hosts, as well as lead contractor and interior design respectively. The pair operates from their home base in Waco, Texas, specifically from Magnolia Homes, a home goods store that the couple runs from within their home, which served as the couple’s starting point before being signed to the HGTV television series in 2013.

The pilot episode of Fixer Upper aired in May 2013 with the full season following thereafter in April of the following year. The second season of the series began in early January of this year. With the release of the first season, it was quite clear that the show was here to stay. HGTV’s rating soared with the release of the first full season, and the second season only further bolstered that ratings surge. Similarly, the show has been highly rated on IMDb, receiving an 8.6 out of a total of 10. The second season of the show finished as HGTV’s as one of the network’s top performers, joining the ranks of top shows such as Brother vs. Brother and House Hunters. Allison Page, the general manager for both the HGTV and the DIY Network commented on the show’s immediate success, stating, “This level of performance for a relatively new series can only be described as spectacular!”


Each season contains 13 episodes and follows the same basic premise for each episode. In each episode, the Gaineses come across potential home buyers looking for a particular home in the Waco, Texas area. Additionally, each of these potential buyers wants to live in one of the historic neighborhoods of the area, as opposed to living in one of the more modernized neighborhoods with newly constructed homes. The home buyer/s is then shown a total of three different potential-rich homes that are in dire need of renovating and an interior make over.


At the end of this tour, the home buyer decides on a house, and then lets the Gaineses do what they love best: renovate and remodel. Over the next few weeks, sped up through the use of television magic, the old, dilapidated home is transformed from a heaping, dangerous pile of wood and metal with no signs of life, charm or beauty, into a fabulously designed home that’s a delightful mixture of old and modern charm and characteristic.

What makes the series so interesting is that the couple is particularly interested in renovating and remodeling the older neighborhoods in the central Texas area without scrubbing clean any of the character and design that makes these neighborhoods such desirable locations to live in in the first place. They each have a true and honest love of their work, and together strive to recreate the central Texas location by remodeling, reinventing and reestablishing the charm of these old neighborhoods.


While the latest season of Fixer Upper won’t be out until the beginning of the next year, you can still watch full episodes of the previous two seasons on the HGTV website.




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