The Man In The High Castle

An Amazon Original Series

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The Man In The High Castle is an American TV show. It has been created and produced as an Amazon original series by Amazon Studios. The Man in The High Castle is an alternate future, dystopian TV series. The main plot revolves around what would have happened should the Axis powers have won World War II. The show is an upcoming one, with two episodes having been premiered so far. One was the pilot, which aired in January 2015, and the second was aired at ComicCom 2015. The show stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls and Rufus Sewell. The full series is scheduled to air from November 20th, 2015.


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The Man In The High Castle takes place in an alternate history in which the Axis powers, Germany, Japan and their allies, won the second world war. It takes place in the US, which has been divided into two zones. Those two zones are run by Japan and Germany respectively.

However, the show centres around Juliana Crain, played by Alexa Davalos, who is given a highlight reel of news footage. That footage contains links to an alternate reality in which the Allies won (similar, at least, to our own modern day,) the Second World War. The title of the show comes from the possible name of the creator of this film footage – The Man In The High Castle. Juliana comes into ownership of the footage of this film whilst it is on route to Colorado City; she decides to take it there, to find out whether it is a work of imagination – or, as she believes – a view of the world as it should have been, and the key to changing the world that the show is set within.


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Alexa Davalos plays the main character of the show, Juliana Crain. Crain is a young woman who lives in San Francisco. She is, until the events of the first episode, happily living in Japanese Occupied America, despite her family being against the occupation after the events of the war. Crain finds footage about a world in which the Allies won the war as opposed to the axis powers.

Alexa Davalos Is best known for roles in The Mist, The Chronicles of Riddick, Clash of the Titans and Feast of Love, as well as Defiance.

Rupert Evans plays Frank Fink, Juliana’s boyfriend. Rupert Evans is best known for Shakespearean roles in theatre. The character he plays, Fink, is taken into custody upon Juliana’s disappearance with the roll of film. He is of Jewish descent, and so this proves very dangerous – because being Jewish is punishable by death. Previous to his arrest, he is working in a factory building fake antiques from Pre-War America; this is lucrative because the Japanese occupiers pay high prices for the items, not being able to distinguish them from real antiques due to a different culture and lack of knowledge of pre-war America.

Luke Kleintank plays Joe Blake. Kleintank is an American television actor, primarily known for his roles in Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Bones and The Young and the Restless. In The Main In The High Castle, his character Joe Blake is a member of the Nazi SS, and is sent to join the American Resistance in order to infiltrate it. He is sent to the Rocky Mountain neutral zone – the place between Japanese and German occupied American territories.

Dj Qualls plays Ed McCarthy. McCarthy is the factory work-place co-worker of Frank Fink. He also makes fake antiques. DJ Qualls is previously known for his work in films such as Road Trip, The New Guy, and Hustle & Flow, and for appearances on television series such as Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Scrubs, Lost, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and The Big Bang Theory.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa stars as Nobusuke Tagomi, who is a trade minister for the Japanese States of America. Tagawa is previously known for his roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation (“Encounter at Farpoint”; 1987), Thunder in Paradise (1995), Nash Bridges (1996), Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003) and Heroes (2007).

Rufus Sewell stars as John Smith. Smith is a Nazi SS member, who is dedicated to tracking down and eliminating the newly formed American Resistance Movement. Sewell is best known for his roles in The Woodlanders, Dangerous Beauty, Dark City, A Knight’s Tale, The Illusionist, Tristan and Isolde, and Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence.

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Finally, Joel de la Fuente, best known for his previous roles as 1st Lieutenant Paul Wang in Space: Above and Beyond, Peter Davies in 100 Centre Street, and recurring appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as TARU Tech Ruben Morales. , stars as Inspector Kido. Kido is a ruthless member of the Kempeitai, and is based in Japanese occupied San Francisco.


The Show is based on a novel of the same name, The Man In The High Castle, by Philip K. Dick. The show has been in development for a number of years. Originally, the British Broadcasting Corporation were going to adapt the novel into a 4 part series.

This was then taken over by SyFy, with Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz as executive producers.

Finally, in 2014, it was revealed that Amazon would take over the production. The process for Amazon is slightly different in terms of production than the aforementioned television channels. The Pilot is aired before the show is commissioned, and then Amazon greenlights the series for production if the pilot is a success. After the airing of the pilot, Amazon greenlit the series for production  -and it is due to open on the 20th November 2015.


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The show has received critical acclaim from most journalists and critics, as well as popular support leading to its airing as a full series.

However, the show has also attracted criticisms from its German and Japanese viewers, who view the portrayals of the Germans and Japanese as unrealistic. Whether changes have been made from initial airings to the full series remains to be seen.


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