The Latest Trials of Melissa McBride’s ‘Carol’

AMC’S hit zombie drama The Walking Dead is no stranger to controversy. The controversy surrounding the show reached new heights in the latest episode where Carol, played by actress Melissa McBride, did something that no fan thought would come on primetime TV.

Fans of the show will recall that Carol was already in the hot season earlier on in the season: Carol admitted to killing Karen and David, two newcomers to the group who were infected with a mysterious illness.

They began choking on their own blood and Carol, as she admitted to Rick, shot them in order to stop the spread of the disease from reaching other people in the prison compound. After Carol admitted her involvement to Rick, he decided that she could not be around the group anymore, and sent her—along with some supplies—packing. Carol made her return after the prison was lost and the group was separated, when she saved Mika, Lizzie and baby Judith from a group of walkers. Since then, Carol has been traveling with the children and Tyreese in search of other survivors from the prison and some type of security.

In the show’s latest episode, The Grove, Lizzie—who had previously shown signs of violence towards animals—begins to show increasing signs of instability, such as believing the walkers are people “in a new form.”

The shocker came when Lizzie, left alone with her little sister Mika and baby Judith, murdered her sister in order to show Carol that the walkers would come back and still be themselves. She revealed in an eerie line—“I was just about to do Judith”—that she had no qualms about doing the same to the helpless infant.

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
David Giuntoli shirtless grimm

Carol, realizing that Lizzie was too far gone to save and would prove a threat not only to their group but anyone who encountered her, took the girl for a walk and—in a supremely shocking moment—killed her with a single bullet to the head. “Look at the flowers” will certainly go down as one of the creepiest lines in The Walking Dead history.

McBride, who was interviewed after the episode aired, admitted that it was an emotionally difficult episode to film but that she thinks Carol had no other option—in a zombie apocalypse, there is no sending a murderous child to therapy or to a hospital for rehabilitation. If you sign up for Time Warner Cable internet promotions, you can watch The Walking Dead anytime.


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