The Adventures of Puss in Boots

The Adventures of Puss in Boots is the American animated television series produced by DreamWorks Animated Television. Puss in Boots is the beloved character from the wildly popular Shrek franchise by the same producer. The series will be released in sets of five episodes each time, throughout the year. The first five episodes of the series premiered on Netflix in January, 2015 and the later sets were released in the months of May and September, later in the year.

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The plot of the series paints Puss as a guardian, who is constantly fighting thieves off the hidden treasure of a city called San Lorenzo. The story goes that Puss stole a coin from the treasure first. By doing this, he unknowingly broke the spell that was keeping the city and its people hidden from the outside world. The Puss now protects the city from the bandits that keep attacking it for the loot.

The plot of the movie is simple and may be even shallow for some. The show glorifies lessons such as the importance of friendship, promises, and so on. These are definitely lessons worth learning, but they seem more directed towards kids, in the way they are presented. Even the comedy seems to take the same route. This is a departure from the movies which were more of a ‘whole family entertainment’.

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Puss is very much the same character as in the movies. Keeping the sanctity of the character is a good move because the Shrek films, as well as the movies on Puss, have built on his background story, which make the character what he is. Though the character is the same, the voice behind him has changed. While the movies had Antonio Banderas giving his voice to Puss, the TV series has the Canadian-American voice actor, Eric Bauza, doing it. Then there is the love interest of Puss, Dulcinea, whose voice is rendered by Jayma Mays. The character is shown to be innocent, naïve and protected but absolutely lovable. There are many other supporting characters that include Artephius, the alchemist, Toby, who is completely smitten by Puss’ antics, Mayor Tomoroso, Pajuna, Vina, Kid Pickles, Esme, Cleevil, and others. The voice artists for all the characters have to be given credit for matching up with the characters so well. The dialogue delivery is perfect and even the music is chosen well to complement the story.

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As far as the story progression and character development are concerned, the series does not fair very well. The characters are not as nicely carved out and polished like the movies. They are fun to watch but not necessarily the kind that people will remember. As we said, it is directed towards kids and it is fine in that sense.

Then there is the visual, technical aspect of the movie. Given the production house backing the project, this seems a little odd, but the series does seem to be low on budget. Visually, it is not as smooth as the movies. Though the characters themselves seem to be fine, it is their movement and action that seem to be rough around the edges. This leaves a lot to be desired, but then again, it is something that can be overlooked, if the content is enjoyable.

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Puss in Boots is definitely not for everyone. Seeing the plot of the movie, some may feel that they are too old to be sitting through it too. Nevertheless, it is fun to watch, for those who enjoy kid’s comedy shows. It is simplistic, fun, enjoyable and a one-time watch. If somebody is a fan, then it is definitely worth knowing more about their favorite Puss in Boots.


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