Surprising Facts About Flo Rida

Flo Rida is best known for his multiple international hit singles, including Low, Right Round, Good Feeling, and I Cry, as well as his charitable work. Flo Rida’s unique singing style and his charismatic presence have made him one of the most successful rappers and hip hop artists in recent memory. He has been professionally active since 2006, with the release of his first professional album, Mail on Sunday; he continues to be active, with his most recent professional studio album release being the My House EP, which was released in 2014. But just how well do you know this ultra-successful rapper? Let’s look at some pretty surprising facts about Flo Rida!

His real name isn’t Flo Rida

All right, let’s be fair: this isn’t really a surprising fact! Flo Rida is a stage name created by the artist for his music career. His real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard.

Many artists choose to create stage names and persona names for their careers, especially if they are singers, because it helps to establish a firmer sense of identity in an industry that is oversaturated with artists. He officially began using the name in 2006 when he signed with Big Poe Records; it is not known what, if any, stage name he used prior to signing with the label.

Although he has never officially confirmed his stage name’s meaning, Flo Rida’s stage name most likely comes from the fact that he was born in Florida–specifically Carol City, which is actually a small suburb in Miami.

He didn’t originally intend to go into music professionally

Although he always had a love for music and was interested in music from an early age, he originally wasn’t planning on pursuing music as a professional career. After he graduated from high school in 1998, he attended college for international business management, first intending to pursue a business career. However, after studying for a short time, he realized that his real life passion was with music and he quit to focus all of his attentions on pursuing that dream instead.

He was in a band for 8 years

When he was only in 9th grade, Flo Rida joined up with a rap and music group called GroundHoggz, which was made up of other boys and young men who lived in the same apartment complex. This group stayed together for 8 years, during which time they continued to write music with each other, before finally splitting up.

He founded two charity foundations

Flo Rida is the creator and founder of two different charitable organizations: Big Dreams for Kids Foundation and the Florida Youth Football League. Both of these organizations are non-profits which seek to support children living in inner cities and do not have the same advantages as other children. Both organizations use sports and other enrichment programs to help children who are underprivileged. Flo Rida routinely donates his own personal money to these organizations in addition to arranging for benefits, grants and other donations to help keep them running.


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