Still Running TV Shows That Are Way past Their Prime

Let’s face it—just because a show is still running doesn’t mean it’s still good. And unfortunately, it seems that the longer a show is on the air, the more likely it is that it will go past its prime. Writers often struggle to come up with new plotlines season after season, or rely on gimmicks to try to inject some new life into a show that has gone stale—usually to no avail. While these shows still have their glimmers of goodness, for the most part, they’ve now gone way past their prime.

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries showed up when the trend of teens and vampires was at an all-time high, and the show—which deviated heavily from the novels it was based on—was actually a solid entry into the “vampire trend.” The first few seasons had plenty of wit, drama, some comedy, and of course, plenty of vampire action. But the show has gone so far down the road with constant break-ups and make-ups, turning characters into vampires, killing them off and bringing them back, shoving former main characters into the background, and generally stretching the plotlines and characterization too much from the show’s original tone and concept. While some of this is due to the show following the plotline of the novels, most of the drastic changes in characterization and ridiculously plotlines are the brainchild of the show’s writers and creative time. While the show still entertains, it no longer packs the punch it once did.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is perhaps the most well-known animated TV show of all time. But the latest seasons of the show are nothing but a shell of the Simpsons former self: everything from the writing to the voice acting has decreased in quality and passion, leading to strings of “guest celebrity” appearances, wacky antics, and ridiculous plotlines that make even the silliest of older Simpson’s episodes seem like straight-laced dramas. Part of the problem has come from lackluster storylines as well as the alteration of character’s personalities—Homer was once a fun loving dad with quirks and is now a bumbling idiot who couldn’t tie his shows together; Lisa was once a hard working lonely little girl trying to find her place and is now a soapbox, preachy know-it-all—just to name two characters that have been altered beyond repair.


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