24 Returns!

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for- wait, that’s not right. I mean, damn it! are you ready for the return of the best action/spy series in television history? Yes, that’s it. 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland is coming back to kick some ass and take some names as Jack Bauer, the most bass mother effing government agent to grace the small screen. So buckle up, strap the seat belts tight and get ready for some ass kicking of the highest caliber.

24: Live Another Day is fast approaching, is a limited TV event series rather than a mini-series or considered as a 9th season to the show, now dormant for four years. They tried to big ol’ Jack to the big screen but couldn’t get a good enough script together I guess because they kept dropping it like a hot potato. I think the biggest problem was the concept of the show, having each episode represent an hour of actual time, couldn’t be done the right way as a two hour movie. It just ain’t gonna fly that way.

Jack Bauer exits in a world where time matters.

And the TV series 24 changed the way we view an hour long drama. The split screens, the beeping phones, the hardcore pulse pounding action and various troops of this show have invaded our public consciousness. When South Park did a parody of the show, entitled “The Snuke”, everyone got the joke. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” as they say.

Everyone has heard of this show and understand many of its familiar attributes. This is serious saturation for a TV to cross over into the consciousness of a culture.

But the show was cancelled after eight glorious seasons. Sure, season 6 was weak but after the amazing run up to the point, culminating in one of the greatest seasons in television history (season 5), you can’t blame them for dropping down in quality a bit. Every show has a dip here and there and for 24, they got a breathing they never counted on, the Writer’s Strike of 2008.

So they skipped a year, came back with a two hour special, 24: Redemption, and set up season 7.

Season 7, set mostly in Washington, DC, felt like a breath of fresh air and this reinvigorated the series in a big way. Then we got the excellent season 8 and they rode off into the sunset.

Of course, we fans thought we would get a set of films with Jack Bauer out there kicking some terrorist butt around the world. Instead, we get a limited series called 24: Live Another Day 12 episodes of the show (still spread out over 24 hours, with the action jumping around and filling in the gaps later) set in London, where Jack is all ready to stop the bad guys from threatening the world.

Jack is on the run once again, hiding from authorities, but I’m wondering just when the hell they are gonna get a clue and let him be. The guy has given so much of his life for the good people of the world he should have a break at this point.

But whatever, that’s part of the fun of this show, seeing Jack get out of trouble and doing the impossible.

He will be joined by the one and only Chloe O’Brian and I’m thankful he has the best tech girl in the world back on his side. Chloe was really annoying at first but she grows on you throughout the series’ run and I can’t imagine any incarnation of 24 without her. She saves Jack’s butt as much as he saves the world.

Jack’s former flame, Audrey Raines, formerly catatonic and messed up from her adventures with Bauer, returns as well. Her father, James Heller, comes back as well and now he’s president.

Jack is back!


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