Star Wars: Episode VII- The Cast

They have officially announced the cast for the upcoming seventh film in the biggest sci-fi franchise of them all, Star Wars. Whoo-who! Allow me to geek out a bit as I contemplate the idea that we are getting a sequel to Star Wars, another full trilogy in fact. Holy smokes. A new freaking Star Wars trilogy, it still blows my mind to think about it. Life doesn’t seem long enough for things like this to happen and when they do, it almost doesn’t seem real.
My head is still spinning at the recent announcement of the main cast for Star Wars: Episode VII, subtitle to be named later. That announcement, what this specific entry will be entitled, is a whole separate topic. Man, that will be crazy once it hits! I’m not kidding. Wait and see the internet explode when they announce Star Wars: Episode VII: The New Jedi Order or whatever it will be named. People will speculate what it means and how everything fits together in whatever fan fantasy they have wrapped up in their minds about what they think Star Wars should be.

They are doing the same with this new cast announcement.

I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far. They are people I know and those I don’t. Those I don’t know well are something to be happy about as well. I like that there are some lesser known actors, good actors that will fit roles that will enable us as viewers to see them as characters and not the actors they are. With the original cast coming back, this might be difficult but it all comes down to the script.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

This is a new Star Wars film, people! Holy crap. Okay, sorry, I got excited again. About the new cast. We have some familiar faces here in regards to the original trilogy. But in addition to these that I will get to, we also have Andy Serkis, who could play anything, perhaps some weird alien, and we have Max von Sydow, who can play whatever he wants and I would be happy. Merrin! Fear the priest, fear the- okay, I’m a fan of The Exorcist, got it? These are intriguing choices and I’m happy with them.

I’m also extremely excited that Luke, Han and Leia are coming back. Why the hell not, right? The actors are still alive so I say the central theme of these upcoming films should be these core characters. To me, they are Star Wars. Continuing their story is very important to me so I want to see how they are in their older age and what stage of their lives they are in. I recently watched the entire original trilogy and hey, there’s some more story out there to be told. They are all so young at the end and the Empire can’t be totally gone.

I think von Sydow will play some Empire lord or surviving general, they can’t all have been killed aboard the Death Star. No. Someone survived but what about the Sith Dark Vader and the Emperor’s ilk? Will we see another Sith Lord and how is this possible, given the idea that only two of them can be alive at the same time?

Yes, that’s right, according to Lucas’ rules about the Sith, this “Rule of Two” means only a master Sith and their apprentice are allowed to be in play at any one time. Seems kind of cool to me because it makes them more rare and powerful since there are only two at a time. Not sure how it works in the expanded universe of Star Wars but in the films it has been fine.

The rest of the cast is a collection of working actors with some solid skill at their jobs. I’m looking forward to what they bring to the franchise.


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