'Masterchef' Judges

Should Masterchef Have Sent Its Latest Contestant Home?

The latest elimination on Masterchef proved to be a shocker for both the judges, the contestants, and the viewers at home.

The elimination test involved contestants cooking either a recreation of pancetta-wrapped veal or a delicate panna cotta dish. The contestants who had to make the panna cotta needed to put their base panna cotta into the show’s giant fridge in order for them to seat. During the course of the elimination test, one contestant–Jamie–noticed that her third ramekin of panna cotta was missing. She had made three ramekins as a failsafe, but unfortunately her first two did not set up correctly and her dish was not up to Masterchef standards.

The shocker came when Tyler, another contestant, presented his dish before the judges. Before even lifting up his fork, Gordon Ramsay made a starling announcement: that, for the first time in the history of other show, someone had presented a dish in front of the judges that they did not cook. While Tyler stood by, dumbfounded, Gordon Ramsay went back into the Masterchef pantry and came out with a tray of panna cotta ramekins. It was revealed that the tray was Tyler’s, and that he had grabbed one of Jamie’s ramekins instead of his own. In other words: the dish he presented before the judges was made of Jamie’s panna cotta and his garnishes.

The judges then decided whether or not they should even judge Tyler’s entry, because it was technically not his own. Although Ramsay noted that he didn’t believe Tyler did it on purpose, the judges decided that it would not be fair to Jamie—or the other contestants—to judge his dish. And because his dish could not be judged, he was the contestant who was eliminated.

The decision immediately caused a reaction with Masterchef fans on social media. Did the judges make the right decision? Should they have given Tyler another chance?

. Whether Tyler intentionally took the panna cotta or make a mistake in the chaos of the competition, in the end, he gave the judges a dish that he did not cook. If the judges allowed him extra time to re cook using his own panna cotta, or gave him a second chance, it would not have been fair to the rest of the show’s contestants because they stuck to the show’s rules.


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