Secrets the Once Upon a Time Writers Spilled About The Show’s “Frozen” Newcomers

It was only a matter of time before ABC’s hit fantasy-fairy-tale series picked up on the popularity of Frozen, and because ABC is under the umbrella of the Walt Disney Company, they were only too willing to let the show tackle the extremely popular film and its equally popular characters. It was revealed in the season finale of season 3 that Elsa, at least, would be showing up in Storybrooke—but it was only recently that the show’s writers recently spilled some secrets about how Frozen will be incorporated into the show’s existing storyline.

The characters won’t be given a dark twist like Peter Pan and Neverland

Many fans wondered just how different the “Frozen” in Once Upon a Time would be from the original Frozen film. The show did, after all, give a very dark twist to the idea of Peter Pan and Neverland. Many fans believed that Elsa would be turned into a villain ala Peter Pan, due to the fact that she had been locked up by Rumpelstiltskin as dangerous in his secret vault.

However, the show’s creative team has revealed that they won’t be doing a dark twist with Frozen, and that the characters will be more or less in line with their counterparts from the film.

The story arc will be “fun”

Elizabeth Mitchell as the 'Snow Queen' in 'Once Upon A Time'
Elizabeth Mitchell as the ‘Snow Queen’ in ‘Once Upon A Time’

The show’s writers also revealed that the frozen storyline will be generally more fun and comedic than previous storylines, such as the very dark Neverland storyline and the revenge-based Wicked Witch storyline. The show’s creative team noted that they wanted to capture the spirit of the original film, which was fairly upbeat.

It takes place after the film

Georgina Haig as 'Elsa' in 'Once Upon A time'
Georgina Haig as ‘Elsa’ in ‘Once Upon A time’

The characters won’t be twisted to fit into the world of Once Upon a Time; instead, the “Frozen” storyline will take place after the events of the original film.

Olaf won’t make an appearance–but Sven will

Fans of Olaf may be disappointed, but Once Upon a Time won’t be incorporating the silly snowman into their show. The writers noted that, in addition to issues regarding how to best animate the character of Olaf, it was decided that his very comedic personality and nature would not mesh with the show or the storyline they had in mind. However, Sven the reindeer—and yes, the ‘actor’ had to audition—will be making an appearance.


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