Secrets Behind The Season 3 Finale of Face-Off

Face-Off is one of the SyFy network’s most popularity reality shows. The premise of the show, which has been airing on SyFy since 2011, is a “face off” competition between make-up artists to see who can come out on top of the rest. Each week, the participants of the show are given challenges to create characters that are paraded in front of a panel of experienced judges, who pick which contestants remain—and which get booted off.


The finale episodes of Face Off are always a treat for fans of the show, since they feature unique challenges and twists that aren’t normally part of the competition. The season 3 finale of the show was a particularly memorable one, particularly since it was fan votes and not the judges who decided the winner–but did you know that what was aired on TV wasn’t the full story?  One audience member who was part of the live taping revealed several aspects of the finale that didn’t make the TV cut.

The finalists said “hi!” to their family members


During the first commercial break of the finale, the three finalists on stage made sure to greet their family members, who were sitting in the audience. Chilelli even shouted to her mother about what she was wearing that evening. While this was recorded, it was not included in the finale broadcast.

The finale cheers weren’t quite what they appeared to beface-off-season-finale-season5-1024x562

In the TV broadcast of the finale, the extended wait before the winner was announced was filled with cheers, screams, and plenty of clapping. But most of those cheers and shouts were actually taped beforehand, when the production crew requested people give shout-outs to specific contestants on the show. These shout-outs were then layered over the actual noise during the finale in the editing process; according to one live viewer, the wait time in real life was “much quieter” and “had a lot more tension” because of the general lack of noise.


Plenty of hugslaura-face-off-contestant-1024x561

When Chilelli was finally announced as the winner of season 3, her family jumped from their seats and ran on stage to hug her–they also gave her flowers, before settling into group hugs with the other contestants, including the two finalists who did not win the ultimate prize. The other finalists on the show were also embraced by their family members who were in the audience that night.

As for why these moments (and more!) didn’t make it to television—it’s likely a combination of pacing and consistency. While moments like the contestants waving hello to their families are fun to see, they aren’t necessary for the competition or the tension that the editing team is trying to bring to the finale. It’s also possible that the production team requested the audience to stay quiet during the moments leading up to the final reveal in order to prevent anyone’s shouts or cheers covering up the host’s important announcement about the winner.


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