Roles we’d Love to See Jonathan Rhys Meyers Tackles

There’s no denying that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of the hottest stars on television—and we’re not talking about his appearance! Although Meyers does not have an extensive TV filmography, the roles he has taken for television shows have certainly made him one of the biggest TV stars of the day. His most iconic roles are that of Henry VIII in Showtime’s hit historical drama, The Tudors; and that of Dracula (aka Alexander Grayson) in NBC’s recent vampire drama, Dracula. There is also a rumor going around the entertainment grapevine that Meyers may be in talks for another TV pilot, although nothing has so far been confirmed.

Meyers is a popular TV star for many reasons; chief among them being his incredible charisma on screen, whether he is taking a bite (literally) out of a female co-star or he is commanding the English troops as the powerful king Henry VIII. Meyers is able to take center stage in any TV show he appears in without becoming too overpowering or oversaturated, as sometimes is the case with especially charismatic actors.

Meyers is such a delight to watch on screen, in fact, that we would like to see much more of him! Here are some roles that we would love for Meyers to sink his teeth into.

Comedic Roles

Meyers is more well-known for his drama and romantic roles—which is why audiences might be delightfully surprised to see Meyers take on a role that is so far from what he is most well-known for. A comedic role, whether as a starring or supporting character, could be the breath of fresh air from dramatic TV shows.

More Historical Roles

There’s no denying that Meyers has the ability to take a historical role and make it feel fresh, alive and modern for TV viewers. What might be a stuffy role for some actors takes on an entirely new life with Meyers, who embodies historical characters with a vigor that is nearly unmatched. Historical roles could be an interesting way for Meyers to stretch his acting chops—no two historical figures, after all, are exactly alike. Historical roles can also range from portraying real life figures (who could range in time period and historical role in a nearly endless number of ways) to a fictional historical character in a show that isn’t based on real life events.



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