Questions We have about Once Upon a Time’s ‘Elsa’

The creative team behind the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time has finally cast Elsa—but there are still plenty of questions and rumors surrounding the character’s appearance in the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time. The show is well known for taking beloved fairy tale and classic literature characters under its wing, but this is the first time that something exclusively from a Disney property will be showing up in the story. The following are some questions many fans still have about Elsa in Once Upon a Time—questions that the writers will hopefully answer to fan’s satisfaction!

Will she be evil?

Georgina Haig as 'Elsa' in 'Once Upon A Time'
Georgina Haig as ‘Elsa’ in ‘Once Upon A Time’

The question of just how Elsa fits into the story is a big one. Will she be a villain? Will she be a heroine? The show has semi-touted her as the next ‘big bad’ after the defeat of Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, but there is no confirmation as of yet about just how bad (or good!) Elsa is going to be in the show. One factor to take into consideration is that she is from an incredibly popular Disney film with plenty of younger fans, and Disney may not want Elsa to veer too hard into the villain category for fear of alienating parents or younger viewers who love the Frozen film and the character of Elsa. While they made a total villain out of Peter Pan, it seems more likely that Elsa will be—like her film counterpart—misunderstood rather than evil.

How long will she stick around?

Another question yet to be answered by the show’s team is just how long Elsa will stick around. It is confirmed that the characters of Anna and Kristoff will show up for a few episodes in the upcoming storyline, but no word yet on how long Elsa is expected to appear. She may be, like Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch of the West, a “half season” character—unless the show’s writers decide to expand her story for an entire season to capitalize on the film’s success. Her appearance also raises questions for other characters in the show that have recently been pushed into the background, such as Princess Aurora and Mulan—will Elsa’s appearance push them even further from the limelight? Only time—and the next episodes of Once Upon a Time—will tell.


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