Teen Wolf

Sometimes TV series come along that no one expects and make an impact despite a lackluster or even an underappreciated beginning.  Based on the hit film Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox, Teen Wolf the TV series is such a show.  Looking back, it might inevitable considering the amount of media pushed out after the original film.  There was a direct sequel, a planned third film that never happened and also an animated series.

So either a reboot of the film series or this current live action TV series was going to happen one way or another.  That it happened on the MTV network is fitting.  Everything about this show speaks teen angst and coming of age, awkwardly of course, but it feels like a show that belongs on a network that is all about a certain kind of youthful energy.  It’s brash and breezy and fun, if in a darker tone than the original film.

'Teen Wolf' MTV
‘Teen Wolf’ MTV

There are other differences as well.  The film is about an awkward teenager played by Fox who plays on the high school basketball team, with a close friend named Stiles who encourages him to have fun and stop being so afraid and embrace life more often.  In this TV series, he is still in high school and has a friend with the same name but he no longer plays basketball but rather lacrosse.

The tone as mentioned is much different.  While the film was played almost entirely for laughs, the TV series have only a bit of the humor and maintains a much more serious tone throughout, focuses more on the darkly gothic situation of a teenage boy dealing with being a monster, all while having the same problems a normal teenager must face on a daily basis.

The show has been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and both share the same basis for creation; they were each films first and then became television shows.  Even the producers of Teen Wolf have stated they were inspired in part by the premise of Buffy and in fact pitch it to the network as such.  They have said they do not wish to include any vampires on the show to help keep it different but may include other types of creatures in the future.  Demons, perhaps?

It’s even darker than Buffy, though.  There are many images of violence and blood on Teen Wolf.  Decapitations, mutilations, horrific dismemberments… all are fair game here.  Wolves are some of the most terrifying predators in the animal kingdom and werewolves are powerful creatures of myth and legend and Teen Wolf never forgets this.

The show features one of these monsters as the lead character and Scott is both empowered by his condition and tortured by it.  He reaps the benefits of his lycanthropy but also understands the nature of his curse.  He has other problems, too, and they do not relate to his ability to transform into a wolf.  High school is not the easiest thing to deal with on a good day, let alone when there are other werewolves out there up to no good.

And don’t forget about his high school life, where his demons are like any other young man his age.  He is in love with Allison Argent and oh, guess what?  She happens to be a member of a family of werewolf hunters.  This adds a smidge of conflict between them to say the least.  She is at first unaware of both his bestial nature and the fact her family hunts werewolves for a living.  When she discovers both secrets, things get hairs, pun intended.

His best friend Stiles, a comical foil for some of the darkness on the show, attempts to help Scott all he can but the situations they find themselves in are often over his head.  There is only so much the comic relief can do against ravenous, supernatural animals. Teen Wolf is available on streaming services that you can access when you sign up for Time Warner Cable broadband plans.

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Mila Kunis: From Commercials to the Red Carpet

It may surprise you to find out actress Mila Kunis emigrated from the Ukraine to Los Angeles at age 7. It may surprise you further to discover that the young Mila Kunis could not even speak English —she became fluent in the language after her arrival to the United States. Today, her English is flawless, and she speaks without any hint of even an accent. Truly an impressive feat for any individual.

Perhaps more impressive than her language skills, Kunis developed a viable acting career from a young age. Her interest in acting was piqued when her parents enrolled her in an acting program for children, hoping for their young daughter to make some friends. At age nine, Kunis began working with Susan Curtis. To this day, Curtis continues to manage the career of the hit actress. Under her management, Kunis landed roles in commercial advertising for Lisa Frank, Barbie, Payless, and other popular companies. Curtis is credited with kick starting Mila’s acting career, as her parents worked hard and were often too busy to attend all the auditions and commitments.

Kunis is well known for her role as Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show, where she starred alongside Aston Kucher and other established actors. The role marked the start of her big acting career in 1998. In 1999, Kunis took on a role voicing Meg Griffin in popular adult cartoon, Family Guy. The character of Meg was tweaked slightly by the show’s producers to fit the new voice and personality of Kunis, who added a natural appeal to the character.

She later began taking on big screen roles, starring opposite Jason Segel and Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Her beauty and star-studded personality made her shine, and she went on to take on roles in additional movies. In 2010, Kunis landed a supporting role alongside Natalie Portman in Black Swan. She trained seven days a week for seven months and took on a ballerina’s physique to master the role. The performance and word of her dedication established her as a seasoned actress and brought her much notice, helping her gain the momentum to land additional large roles in the future.

The actress has since played parts in the hit comedy film Ted and Oz the Great and Powerful. The films were both financial successes, helping Kunis bust into the limelight even more.

Mila Kunis on 'The Ellen Show'
Mila Kunis on ‘The Ellen Show’

Considering her popularity, it’s no surprise that her love life has been quite an attention grabber. In 2002, Kunis was often seen with childhood sweetheart and Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. The couple split in 2011 after eight years. She is currently believed to be dating actor Ashton Kutcher.

Regardless of what her love life has in store, Kunis is a delight on the screen and off. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and spunky personality help her conquer every role she is challenged with, and fans are certainly eagerly awaiting her next big role. Watch That ’70s Show and other Mila Kunis movies and shows when you sign up for Time Warner Cable broadband deals right now.


Sleepy Hollow



Supernatural shows are all the rage these days.  Just look around at the TV landscape and be afraid.  It’s downright frightening.  Like several years ago when crime scene shows exploded all over the airwaves and we got an extreme gluts of CSI clones and spin-offs everywhere we looked.  No problem, if there’s a market for it I have no problem with TV executives making shows that people will like.

Now it’s all about monsters and supernatural premises and since I’m way into that stuff, the more the merrier, right?  Right.  One of the best on the air today is called Sleepy Hollow.  I’ve written about the show before and I’ll make no secret about how much I like it so let’s dive right into the program.

The main focus you would think is the Headless Horseman, right?  Well, not exactly.  There is definitely a supernatural presence on this show, no doubt, but the main focus is on one Ichabod Crane and his present day helper, Lt. Mills.  This is a good thing because their on screen chemistry is amazing and their partnership is one that not only moves the show along but gives us all a reason for watching.

I want to see Ichabod go after the Headless Horseman, who just so happens to be a former friend of his and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and fight this centuries old battle against him.  It’s fun and exciting to watch him playing around in the modern world, too, because Crane is not from this time period.  He’s also not like the original book Crane but more like a super charged version of the original character.

He was a teacher but not some dawdling school teacher like from the Disney version short.  I love that one but this Ichabod Crane is different.  He taught at Oxford and came to America and switched sides to become a spy for the Colonials.  He is a pretty hardcore guy, too, and not just an intellectual.  Although he can break out the big brain action, he can throw down to, evidenced by his beheading the horsemen back in 1781.

This was his curse as well, as this act linked the two of them together in blood for centuries.  They awoke together in the 21st Century and the battle continues.  Crane, partly because he was married to a witch and also because of the time period in which he was raised and lived, has an immense knowledge of arcane practices and this comes in very handy when he and Lt. Mills go hunting for the Horseman.

Lt. Mills, aka Abbie, is adept at the supernatural as well.  She and her sister had an experience when they were younger and while her sibling told the truth and was committed to a mental institution, Abbie denied having seen anything out of the ordinary and has been wracked with guilt ever since.  She has since comes to terms with her compliancy in her sister’s incarceration by working hard to rid the world of the evil supernatural entities that are being released into the world because of the Horseman.

The apocalypse is coming and these two are the driving force behind how the town of Sleepy Hollow and thus the world entire may survive.  Make no mistake, the world is under serious threat and it is only the hard work, ingenuity and fast thinking of these two main characters is what keeps the madness at bay.  There is an over bearing, unremitting sense of dread that creeps in, knowing the Horseman is just the beginning and if he succeeds the world is doomed.

Should they call the President to send in the National Guard to help?  Who would believe them anyway?  Heck, even the characters on the show can hardly understand what is going on around them.  Good luck convincing anyone else. Even better, with Time Warner Cable Internet deals you can watch Sleepy Hollow on numerous internet platforms.

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Will Smith’s Journey to Super-stardom

West Philadelphia, born and raised…

These lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening theme speak some truth about the life of the show’s star, Will Smith. Willard “Will” Christopher Smith Jr.  was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1968. The actor attended a Catholic high school and became known for getting out of trouble with his sharp tongue. This isn’t unlike the depiction of Will’s school days in the show, and the trait earned him the real-life nickname of “Prince”.

Will Smith was Featured on Bomba Estereo's 'Fiesta Remix'
Will Smith was Featured on Bomba Estereo’s ‘Fiesta Remix’

Will Smith began his Hollywood career when he took an interest in rapping at age twelve. His unique rap style—which incorporated his signature comedic touches—helped lead him to greater things. At 16, Smith met DJ Jeff Townes at a party, kicking off a partnership that would one day make him famous. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, as the duo became known, began producing rap music together. The sound was unique in its clean presentation, avoiding the profane language and adult themes present in the popular rap music of the time.

Beginning with their first hit, “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” in 1986 and debut album Rock the House in 1990, the duo’s music took off. Their album He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper won the first-ever Grammy Award in Rap Performance, and the pair’s fame continued to grow. Smith continued to make music with Towne, producing their final album in 1993.

Smith became a millionaire before he reached the age of eighteen, and this was before he even stepped into his acting career. NBC took Will Smith on for his first acting role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show became immensely popular, running for six seasons and allowing Smith’s acting talents to shine. He began taking on big screen roles, such as his part in the 1992 film Where the Day Takes You and the 1993 comedy Made in America. In 1993, he took the lead role in Six Degrees of Separation and greatly increased his popularity with his acting in 1995’s Bad Boys. His serious acting talents were further cemented with his performance in 1996 in Independence Day and the well-known 1997 favorite Men in Black.

Smith certainly didn’t stop there, scoring more and more film roles. He also  released an album, Willennium, in 1999. 2001 marked another big step for smith, who nailed his performance in Ali with long days of training and dedication to the persona he played. He was nominated for an Oscar after this performance. He has since played popular roles in I, Robot, Hitch, The Pursuit of Happyness, and I am Legend. He has also completed work as a film producer, making him an even more impressive celebrity personality.

Today, Smith enjoys continued success in Hollywood and in his personal life. He has a son, Willard Smith III, from his first marriage. Son Jaden and daughter Willow arrived after his second and current marriage with actress Jada Pinkett Smith. There’s no telling where Smith’s tremendous success will lead him in the future, but fans are expecting even more great things from the talented actor, rapper, and film producer. You can watch all of Will Smith’s filmography when you sign up for an internet plan.


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