MTV’s new Scream TV series: Who Will Star?

Wes Craven’s Scream revitalized and changed 90s horror forever—the first film was so popular that it spawned 2 more sequels and, more recently, a fourth film in the franchise. Shortly after the success of the fourth film, a Scream TV series was announced—but it was not until earlier this year that the Scream TV series has begun to take shape.

What is known so far is that the pilot will be written by Jill Blotevogel, who has written for shows such as Harper’s Island, Eureka, and Ravenswood. The horror-fan website BloodyDisgusting reported that Wes Craven agreed to direct the pilot episode, which is scheduled to shoot this summer.

The plot, according to leaked news about the Scream pilot, will revolve around a video becoming viral which is the catalyst for a string of murders in the town. The names and basic info about the show’s main characters has also leaked. In the new show, the main characters will be teenagers, just as they were in the original Scream film and the fourth Scream film.
The characters are as follows:

Harper Duval; a 16 year old girl who, although slightly introverted and a bit nerdy, has become popular. In doing so, she has become less close with her (former) best friend, Audrey.

Audrey Jesen; a teenage girl who is the designated ‘artsy’ one of the group, who wants to become a filmmaker and is close to her friend Noah.

Noah Foster: A pop culture-loving comedian who is a wiz with technology and manages to get by in school using his wit and intellect.

But just who will be playing these lead roles? There is currently no confirmation on casting, but the rumors have been flying ever since the announcement was made that the pilot would finally be filming this summer.

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
David Giuntoli shirtless grimm

It may be possible that MTV will decide to cast unknowns, but the current media rumors are favoring actresses such as Mary-Kate Olsen (who, while about 10 years older than the teenager characters, can still play young) and Shailene Woodley, who became famous for her role on The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Other rumored favorites include AnnaSophia Robb, who is more well known for her film work, and Chloe Moretz, who more recently acted in her own ‘horror’ story—Carrie. None of these rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied by MTV or the show’s creative time. To check out Scream Queens on MTV, all you need is a cable television plan from Charter Spectrum.


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