Modern Problems We Hope Girl Meets World Covers

Girl Meets World is the sequel series to the much beloved Boy Meets World, a family comedy-drama from the 1990s which was well praised for its ability to cover real-life issues without being overly preachy—most of the time. Boy Meets World handled issues such as teenage drinking, racism and prejudice, sexism and consent, and even more specific issues such as cults that prey on teenagers who feel isolated and afraid.

Girl Meets world Cast
Girl Meets world Cast

According to the team behind Girl Meets World, the show will also tackle its fair share of issues—although the show’s creative team has noted that they have to be cleverer than before due to more stringent regulations set by the Disney Channel, which is producing the show.

The show has already tackled one real life modern problem—smartphone addictions—but there are many more modern problems we would love Girl Meets World to handle. The following are some modern problems for the younger generation that we hope Girl Meets World handles.

Social media and internet privacy

Teenagers and pre-teens today are more connected to the internet than any previous generation. It is now uncommon for people in the younger generation to not have some type of social media connection—whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. But along with social media comes the concept of privacy or rather, the lack of privacy. Once something is posted on the internet, it is there forever, and one little mistake or slip can cause some definite consequences.

Girl Meets World could handle this issue by having a character upload an unflattering photo of another character online, causing them to be harassed in school; or they could even have a character post details about their personal life on social media, not realizing that everything they say is out there on the internet for anyone to read, including people they would not want to ever find their words.

Eating disorders and body image

This problem will be very tricky to handle, especially since the characters in the show are still rather young. But eating disorders and body image related disorders have been steadily climbing in the last two decades, and it is an important—and very relevant—issue for the show to discuss. The show could probably best handle this issue through the slightly older actress, Riley, who would be able to better handle portraying this issue.


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