Mako Mermaids Back Again

Mako Mermaids, also known as Mako: Island of Secrets and Secret of Mako Island, is an Australian Children’s/Teen-Drama starring Lucy Fry, Ivy Latimer, Amy Ruffle, Chai Romruen, Isabel Durant, Allie Bertram, and Alex Cubis.

The second series premiered on Netflix in most territories and the Eleven network in Australia on the thirteenth of February 2015.

This article will tell you about the show, the second series, the cast and the production. It will also reveal what’s known about the third series of this popular show.


What Is Mako Mermaids?

Mako Mermaids, or Mako: Island of Secrets, is a childen/teen drama in the fantasy genre. It features mermaids and mermen as its chief characters, and their interactions with the human world.

To date, there have been two series of the show, for a total of fifty two episodes. This article concentrates on the second series – with the plot, production and cast highlighted.

The running time of each episode is twenty six minutes, and the show has been created by Jonathan M. Shiff. Writers of the show include Sam Carroll, Anthony Mossi and Chris Roache. The show is directed by Evan Clarry and Grant Brown. The Opening and Closing theme of the show is “I Just Wanna Be” by Chantelle Defina and Jack Dacy.

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What Happened In Season One?

The main character, Zac, played by Chai Romruen , is a teenager who decides to go on a camping trip to a nearby island; Mako Island – which is where the title of the show comes from. Zac is unaware that whilst camping, he is also being watched. Those watching him are the caretakers of the island – a trio of mermaids.

Despite their guarding the island, Zac falls into a magic pool, the moon pool, on the night of a full moon. This turns him into a merman. Because of this oversight, the mermaids are banned from their pod of mermaids.

To undo this, the mermaids need to learn to live on the land and infiltrate the human world, in order to remove Zac’s powers from him.

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What’s Happening In Season Two?

In series two, the mermaids are on their quest. The discover more about the secret island of Mako, and they also learn more about the mermen. Two of them go in search of a new place to live, and one of them – along with her friends – concentrates on removing Zac’s powers.

Will There Be A Season Three?

Good news for Mako’s Island fans: In 2014, it was announced that there will be a third season. It is due to premiere some time in 2016. Little is known about the series so far, except from the fact that Linda Ngo will join the cast as a Chinese mermaid called Weilan, and a guest appearance of Cariba Heine as Rikki Chadwick has been confirmed for the final two episodes.



Amy Ruffle plays the character of Sirena in both series one and two, and is one of the three mermaids. Naive and sweet, she acts as a mediator and peacemaker when Lyla and Nixie quarrel.

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Lucy Fry plays the character of Lyla in series one, and initially has an interest in Zac solely for the task of removing his powers. However, over time she begins to become attrated to him. She is considered in charge of the three main mermaids, and is head-strong, loyal and very intelligent.

Ivy Latimer plays the character of Nixie in series one, one of the three mermaids. Nixie is an adventurous girl, but one who is true to her convictions. In series 2, she is not present, but is mentioned throughout as searching for a new home with Lyla.

Chai Romruen plays the character of Zac Blakely in both series 1 and 2, and becomes a merman whilst camping on Mako Island after he falls into a magical oasis. His character is a sports enthusaist and a natural surfer. In series 2, he finds out that Mimmi is his sister, and he was already a Merman as of his birth.

Gemma Forsyth plays the character of Evie McLaren in series 2, (and is also a member of the supporting cast in series 1) who is the girlfriend and major love interest of Zac. In series oneshe believes that the interest in Zac that the mermaids have is due to them stalking her. Over the course of series one, she realizes the truth of the matter, that the girls aren’t human, and apologises for her rash judgement. She is herself accidentally changed into a mermaid in series two.

Isabel Durant plays the character of Ondina (series 2), as a mermaid who is tasked with removing Zac’s powers. She is a headstrong character and tries to do the things she plans without compromise.

Allie Bertram plays the character of Mimmi in series two. Mimmi is a mermaid who attempts to take Zac’s powers from him. She is inquisitive and intelligent, and occasionally is responsible for getting Ondina out of trouble. She discovers in season two that unbeknownst to her, Zac is her biological brother.

Alex Cubis plays the character of Erik in series 2. Erik is a merman who is part of a rare bloodline of mer-people. In the show, this blood line hasn’t been seen for many millenia. He is an elusive character, and prefers solitude.



Series one of Mako: Island of Secrets was originally announced in 2011. It was 26 episodes long, and each episode was twenty six minutes in length.

Series Two was confirmed in February 2013. The production for the show began in the second half of the same year, and was funded by Screen Australia. The second series premiered on February 13th, 2015 in North America and Latin America, as well as the United Kingdom and seom other countries. It first premiered in Australia on the Eleven network on the same date.

The season was split into two halves – the first aired from the aforementioned date, February 13th 2015, and the second half aired from May 29th onwards on Netflix. Netflix mistakenly labelled this second half of the second season as the third season, which has yet to air.


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