Lana Parrilla Debunks Popular Once Upon a Time Fan Theory

The latest reveal on Once Upon a Time has got fans of the show really buzzing—and gossiping about what, if anything, the “twist” might really mean. For those who aren’t up to speed: the latest twist on this show so full of twists and turns was that Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, is actually Regina’s half-sister. Zelena, who appeared just as Regina was about to drink a sleeping potion out of her sadness at losing Henry, brought the figurative house down by dropping her bombshell on Regina before promising to make Regina lose everything she has ever loved and flying away on her broomstick—although not thumbing for a hitch.

What happened next was certainly rich, however: Regina, who moments ago was so despondent she thought of nothing but ending her pain, had found a new lease on life, just as Snow White and Robin Hood suggested. Granted, her new lease on life was bent on getting revenge and not on finding someone to love or something positive to live for—but beggars can’t be choosers!

One of the most popular fan theories to spring up after this twist was that Zelena was not actually the half-sister of Regina. but had instead been tricking Regina for ulterior purposes. Why did fans come to this conclusion? Because in the first new episode of the season, Zelena sent  a flying monkey to retrieve a sample of Regina’s blood by attacking her when she is alone with Snow; we later see that Regina’s crypt, which can only be opened via a blood seal, has been opened. Fans speculated that Zelena was lying to Regina—for whatever reason to be later revealed—about her heritage and that she had actually used Regina’s blood to open up the crypt.

Lana Parrilla, the actress who breathes life into the evil Queen, has unfortunately squashed those rumors. Lana Parrilla has confirmed that Zelena really is Regina’s half-sister and that Regina will eventually learn the truth about her elder half-sister on the cable show, along with new truths about her mother and family that she never thought possible. So much for that flying monkey theory!

Parrilla also hinted that there is an interesting twist regarding the “four witches of Oz” that will eventually come up on the show—although she did not reveal or hint at what, exactly, the “witchy” test will be. Check out Once Upon A Time on Netflix and stream it with a reliable broadband internet plan.



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