Why Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is a Masterpiece


You have heard of horror movies. You probably have heard of horror comedies. But have you ever heard of a horror comedy dealing with the topic of racism? Yeah, we thought so. And that is just scraping the surface of what “Get Out” promises and delivers spectacularly. Talk about being different.

Get Out is not only about a fresh take, but also about impeccable direction, impressive writing, and praiseworthy acting. Let’s get into the details of how and why this movie has created such a buzz and why you should absolutely not miss it.

Get Out is Jordan Peele’s maiden project and he has worked really hard to make the movie happen. Through the many years that he has pitched the script to the producers, the only thing constant was people telling him that such a movie can never be made. But, the man marched on and this is the fruit of all his efforts. But, why would Hollywood’s elite not sign up an amazing talent like Pele? You will get the answer to your question when you watch the movie. The movie is as much a horror flick as it is a satirical comedy. And the theme it circles around is one of the most sensitive topics in America – race and racism.

The movie begins with Chris and Rose planning to visit the girl’s parents to take their relationship to the next level. However, there is just one elephant in the room – Chris is black and Rose is white. Anyone reminded of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”? Chris is a mature man and does not hide his concerns on the issue, but Rose assures him that her parents are not racists and that there is no real problem.


Mrs. Missy and Mr. Dean Armitage, Rose’s parents, don’t turn out to be half bad either. But, they are one of those idealist liberals who are trying very hard to put it across to Chris that they are not racists. They even share that they would vote for Obama the third time, if it was possible. Yup, that’s how “non-racist” they are. They do have a black maid and a gardener, and Dean cannot explain enough that they were employed to help Rose’s grandparents, who were no longer with them. In a nutshell, they say everything possible to make it clear that they are happy with Rose and her black boyfriend (with a big emphasis on BLACK).

But, there are obvious awkward moments in the movie where racial differences do surface. But, this is nothing compared to what Chris will have to deal with later. The movie has insane twists and turns. There is a horror movie in there, and it starts revealing as you get further along with the movie. The anticipation is as exciting as the revelation. But, no spoilers here. So, relax.

Let’s talk about the actors in the movie. Daniel Kaluuya is playing the role of adult Chris, while Zailand Adams is portraying the younger version of Chris, also a part of the movie. He is the black guy in the movie and it is around him that the movie revolves. Daniel has done justice to his role in every way possible. He conveys Chris’ emotions brilliantly and helps the audience connect with him better. Rose Armitage is played by Allison Williams, who is sensational in her role. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener are completely believable in their roles as the liberal white Mr. and Mrs. Armitage. It is an absolute delight to watch them.

Peele has made sure that the movie hits you in parts. Bad things are happening and all the nice people he thought were harmless and lame are, in fact, a threat. Get Out is a brilliant satire. But, the idea of making it into a horror movie adds a flavor to it that is unlike any other. This genre allows Peele to include high tension social issues in the movie. Not only is he able to put forth his two cents on the topic of racial problems running rampant in America, but is also able to do it without offending anyone. Chris becomes paranoid, and this, combined with tongue-in cheek dialogues, lend the movie a comedic touch. Did you ever think that you would be discussing slavery, race relations between black and whites, and what not against the backdrop of a horror comedy? You know what? In all probability, no one but Peele did.


The best thing about the movie is that it does not talk about in-your-face racism. It brings to light the subtle form of the problem that is prevalent in our society today. It is about pseudo-liberals. In the movie, no character verbally attacks Chris directly. But, their dialogues are borderline racist. They are being nice, but Chris gets their stereotyping. They make him feel ‘different’ and almost unwelcome. The way the movie captures the ‘almost’ is without a doubt a work of a genius.

It is not too long before the so-called well-meaning folks show their true colors. But, we will let the movie do the rest of the talking.

It is evident from the final shape of the movie that Peele had a crystal clear vision of what he wanted. Not only that, he also has a keen understanding of how the society works and knows that the devil is in the details. Yes, horror comedy does not essentially sound like a genre that you go to expecting being wowed by the cinematic brilliance. But, this movie will change that for you. Granted, Peele is a first time director. But, if this is the caliber of the work he can deliver, then his newfound fans will keenly wait for his next project to hit the screens.

Get Out has been showered with praises and rightfully so. It is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. It’s not every day that you come across something magical on the screen. But, when it happens, it leaves a lasting impression that you cherish for a long time. Jordan Peele’s Get Out is that magical gem of a movie.


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