Independence Day II: Resurgence

Independence Day II: Resurgence is the long awaited sequel to 1996’s blockbuster summer hit; Independence Day. Independence Day II: Resurgence will be directed by Roland Emmerich, produced by Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich and Haralad Kloser, and star Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox and Brent Spiner, who will all reprise their roles from the first movie, as well as Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Sela Ward, Charlotte Gainsbourg, , Maika Monroe, Joey King, Angelababy William Fichtner, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The film is due to be released on June 24th, 2016.

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Independence Day (the first film) saw the existence of extra-terrestrials be proved beyond doubt when huge ships started hovering above the various major cities of the world. As people began to welcome them, the aliens attacked – attempting to wipe humanity out. The rest of the plot sees the human cast attempt to save humanity and the world by finding a weakness in the alien invasion force.

Independence Day II: Resurgence is set twenty years after the events of Independence Day. In the intervening time, the various governments of the world as well as select international comities have attempted to build stronger defences against the threat ofanother extra-terrestrial invasion force. They have done this using recovered alien technology.

The invasion force from the first movie sent a distress signal before their defeat, and a new invasion of alien forces is arriving to Earth to avenge and conquer the planet, annihilating humanity in the process.

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The idea of a sequel to Independence Day has been a possibility for many years. Especially in the wake of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, the creator of the movie had always wanted to revisit the film with a sequel.

Emmerich and Devlin apparently worked on a sequel, but could not find a way to continue the story. The plans were scrapped. Then, in 2009, Emmerich once again stated that he was planning a sequel – even at one point suggesting creating a pair of sequels to make a trilogy.

In 2011, Emmerich and Devlin jointly stated that they had ideas for sequels, and that they wanted the star of the movie, will Smith, to join them. Smith initially demanded $50 million to appear in the two sequels. Smith would not end up in the sequel in the end.

In March of 2013, the plans tended towards being completed in their current state. Jeff Goldblum would return, and the plot was secure. Will Smith would not return due to the price of his appearance. The two sequels would be shot back-to-back, and sci-fi plots including wormholes would be used.

Later, Fox would greenlight the first sequel, to be titled Independence Day: Resurgence . The title was released in June of 2015.

The filming began on May 5th 2015, and concluded on the 22nd August, 2015. Most of the scenes were shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

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The film was originally going to be released on July 3rd, 2015. This was delayed until July 2016. Fox then brought the film forward by a few weeks, and as of now, the film will be released in June, on the 24th, 2016.


Jeff Goldblum will play the role of David Levinson. Goldblum is reprising his original role from the film Independence Day. Goldblum is famous for his roles in The Fly, Jurassic Park and its sequel Jurassic Park: The Lost World, as well as Independence Day.

Bill Pullman will play the role of Thomas J. Whitmore. Pullman again is reprising his role from the first movie. He is notable for his roles in Spaceballs (1987), While You Were Sleeping (1995), Casper (1995), Independence Day (1996) and Lost Highway (1997).

Liam Hemsworth will play the role of Jake Morrison. Hemsworth is most noted for his roles on Australian soap Neighbours, as well as movie roles in The Last Song  and The Hunger Games series of movies.

Jessie Usher will play the role of Dylan Dubrow-Hiller. Usher currently stars as Cam Calloway on the Starz television series, Survivor’s Remorse. He also played Lyle on Level Up. He also appeared in When the Game Stands Tall and voiced the American Boy in Teenage.

Maika Monroe will play the role of Patricia Whitmore. She has previously appeared in films such as Labor Day  and At Any Price.

Sela Ward will play the role of U.S. President Lanford. She is previously famous for roles in The Fugitive (1993), My Fellow Americans (1996), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), The Guardian (2006), The Stepfather (2009), and Gone Girl (2014).

Charlotte Gainsbourg will play the role of Dr. Catherine Marceaux. Gainsbourg has appeared in many Lars Von Trier movies and is also a musician, having released several albums of material.

Joey King will play an as-yet undisclosed role. She is known for starring as Ramona Quimby in Ramona and Beezus, which is an adaption of Beverly Cleary’s books. She has also previously had roles in the movies Oz the Great and Powerful, The Conjuring, and White House Down.

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Judd Hirsch will play the role of Julius Levinson. He is famous for Running on Empty (1988), Independence Day (1996), A Beautiful Mind (2001), and Ordinary People (1980).

Angelababy will play the role of Rain. She is a Hong Kong model, actress, and singer.

Vivica A. Fox will play the role of Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller. She is best known for her roles in the films Independence Day, Set It Off, Soul Food, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Kill Bill, Booty Call, Sharknado 2: The Second One and Juwanna Mann.

Brent Spiner will play the role of Dr. Brackish Okun.

William Fichtner will play the role of General Adams.

DeObia Oparei will play the role of Dikembe.

Gbenga Akinnagbe will play the role of Agent Travis.

Travis Tope will play the role of Charlie.

Mckenna Grace will play the role of Daisy.

Patrick St. Esprit will play the role of Secretary of Defense Tanner.

Chin Han will play the role of the leader of the Chinese Space Squadron.

Karl Stefanovic will play the role of an Australian television reporter.



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