Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot

Freezing Hot is a one-hour comedy special by Iliza Shlesinger, comedienne and winner of season six of “Last Comic Standing.” This is her second one-hour special, following on from War Paint in 2013. The show was shot on location in Denver, Colorado in 2012 and is available to view on Netflix as of January 2015.

The show tackles themes of “girl logic,” the difference in thought processes between men and women, and social issues. This article will tell you about the comedian, her previous roles, the show itself and the production credits associated with it.

Who Is Iliza Shlesinger?

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Iliza Shlesinger is a comedienne. She is thirty two years old, and was born in Dallas in Texas, United States of America.

Her notable achievements include being the winner of the sixth season of Last Comic Standing, an NBC show which was a reality TV show set to find the best new comedic talent. She won a cash prize, and this kick-started her comedy career. Previous to that, she’d started comedy at her school’s improv team, and then performed with ComedySportz Dallas before attending the University of Kansas for her freshman year. She would then transfer to Emerson College in Boston, where she majored in film. It was there that she refined her comdy skills as a member of the colleges comedy sketch group called Jimmy’s Traveling All Stars, and she credits this with refining her writing and editing skills.

She was also the host of NBC’s dating reality-tv show Excused, which was set in a house in LA and saw contestants pit against each other in order to win dates. The show ran for two seasons, from 2012-2013 and ran for a total of 230 episodes. The show was created by  David Garfinkle and Jay Renfroe for Renegade 83 Productions.

What Is Freezing Hot?

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Freezing Hot is a one-hour stand-up comedy special. It was filmed during one of her stand up shows on location in Denver Colorado in December of 2012.

It takes its title from a list of potential titles that Iliza considered. She settled on Freezing Hot because, in her own words:

“Basically, what I found was a lot of the material I was that I was commenting on girls’ thought processes. I’ve come up with something called “Girl Logic” which is basically sort of wanting what you can’t have or wanting the one thing that you want, but not wanting whatever makes that thing a thing. I want cold weather, but I don’t want to be cold. I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like eating…Freezing Hot just comes from the idea that everything in our brain is a contradiction of ourselves. It’s a commentary on women’s thought process.”

It covers themes such as “girl logic” – or the differences between men and women. This is a recurring theme for Shlesinger, who coined the term “girl logic” for herself and made the explanation of it part of her routine for War Paint. Occasionally the show veers into other territory, such as social commentary.

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Critics have rated it generally favourably. The AV Club wrote that it was bogged down by traditional gender roles, yet IMDB and other aggregators seem to suggest that the show has received strong reviews, usually around the 70% positive range – which shows that the opinion, both public and critically, is quite reasonable in terms of people’s enjoyment of the show.

You can see it on Netflix. Netflix bought the rights to air the comedy special Freezing Hot as part of an acquisition drive they have been doing recently. In order to increase their Video On Demand Library, they have acquired the rights to many titles. There’s been particular interest paid to comedy shows, and Iliza Shlesinger’s Freezing Hot is one of those acquired titles. Interestingly, Netflix also have bought the rights to air War Paint, Iliza’s first stand-up comedy special from 2013.

What are Iliza’s Shlesinger’s Previous Works?

Previous to Freezing Hot, Iliza Shlesinger appeared on the sixth season of Last Comic Standing. She became the winner of that season, defeating other comedians and comediennes in order to win a cash prize and launch her career in comedy business.

Following that, she was on Excused, a reality-tv dating show which was produced for NBC.The show was set in a house in LA and saw contestants pitted against each other in order to win dates. Iliza starred in the show for its entire run of two seasons, from 2012-2013. This included a total episode count of 230 episodes.

Who Else Is Involved In The Production?

The show was directed by Jay Chapman. The show was written in its entirety by Iliza Shlesinger. The show also has a long line of producers, including, Kara Baker, Rob Guillermo, Chico Henson, Cisco Henson, Lisa Nishimura , Ryan Polito, Iliza Shlesinger, Jack Vaughn    , Brian Volk-Weiss and Kristen Zolner, who all are credited to Freezing Hot as executive producers.

Kimberly Leen  served as the associate producer of the show, and Kieran Dotti fulfilled the role of production supervisor. Finally, Deborah Adamson served as the line producer for the show Freezing Hot.

The cinematography was done by Samuel Brownfield. Film editing was done by Brenda Carlson. Production Design was completed by Jeremy W. Foil – who served as the associate production designer – and Jim Kronzer. Both used stage names in the credits, the former appeared as Jeremy Foil in the credits, and the latter appeared as James Kronzer.

The art department included Jeremy W. Foil and Sean Green and James Wamser, both who acted as stage hands.

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The sound department consisted of Thomas Cassetta as a sound-mixer and Warren Woods handled the post-production audio.

The camera-men and associated operators include Tomothy Billingham, Stephen Fort, Tom Harker, Lisa Higginbotham, Matt James, Joe Kelter, Breck Larson, Matt Kubas, Pierce Lowell, Ed Martinez and Kevin White.

The editorial department included Dale Carroll, Aj Habrilla, Gary Lister, Andrew McGivney and Tobin Phillips.

Other crew members credited for Freezing Hot include Matias Alvarex, Michael Dondero, Greg Eakins, Keri Kassing and Felicia Sabartinelli.



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