Haven and The Colorado Kid

Haven is a SyFy original series which tells the story of fa unique town called Haven, Maine, which is being plagued by supernatural afflictions referred to locally as “The Troubles.” FBI agent Audrey Parker, who had been sent to the town on a routine operation, is quickly wrapped up in the strange, supernatural events in the small town.


Haven has been a surprisingly popular show for the SyFy network, and is currently in the middle of its fifth season. The show’s early seasons received only mixed reviews, with many critics praising the show’s eccentric qualities as well as the performances of its lead actor; it has retained fairly steady ratings for the SyFy network and many insiders believe it will be renewed for a sixth season in the future.

One of the central aspects of the show is “The Colorado Kid” mystery; the Colorado Kid is an unsolved murder which took place 23 years before the first episode.  The “Colorado Kid” is often referenced in the show as an important and unsolved event in the town’s history which has not only affected the entire town, but may even be linked with the recurring “Troubles” that have returned to plague them—and it could even be connected to FBI agent Audrey Parker.


There is a surprising connection that some viewers of the Haven TV series did not realize until they investigated the show on their own: The Colorado Kid is actually a Stephen King novel, which the series is loosely (very loosely) based on.

In the original novel, none of the supernatural elements—or Audrey Parker—are present. In fact, the original novel is more like a straightforward mystery novel than most of Stephen King’s most recognizable work. The bulk of the novel follows several characters who become interested in the Colorado Kid mystery and who try to unravel all of the details in the hopes of finding out who really committed the murder, and why—not to mention solving all of the mysterious details surrounding the case, such as the presence of a rare coin in the dead man’s pocket, his unusual stomach contents, and so on.


Many fans of the original series that have gone on to read the novel have expressed their disappointment that the book is not only nothing like the novel, is it not necessarily connected because of how different the series is from the book. However, it should be noted that Haven is not an adaptation of The Colorado Kid, but based on—and, more accurately, inspired by—it.

In fact, Haven is more directly inspired by more horror-filled King works than his small town mystery novel which inspired the show’s central murder mystery. The show features many references to Stephen King’s “IT,” as well as more subtle references to places and people found in other Stephen King books—such as a character who did time at Shawshank Prison, character names which match book characters, and even “Troubles” which come right out of Stephen King’s books, like a “Trouble” that causes plants to start killing people.



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