Girl Meets World Cast Photo Released–Why the Show Is Going To Rock

Girl Meets World, the sequel series to the popular 90s family show Boy Meets World, is quickly becoming one of the most wildly anticipated new shows of 2014. The show, which is going to be set in New York, will follow the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews as she deals with life.

The first cast photo for Girl Meets World was recently released, and it has fans (and nostalgia fans of Boy Meets World) buzzing. But why are most fans so sure the show will not only be well received, but high quality as well? Let’s look at just three of the factors that will make Girl Meets World one of the best shows of 2014.

Original Writers Are Returning

The great success of Boy Meets World would not have been possible without every element of the show—from the cast down to the crew filming each episode. But a large part of the charm of Boy Meets World was found in the writing. The show was not afraid to tackle real life issues in a way that felt real instead of saccharine or “very special episode,” for the most part. The show touched on everything from teenage drinking to racism to sexism and of course, growing up and growing older. Many of the show’s original creative team—including writers—is returning for Girl Meets World and they will surely bring their previous experience and talent to the table.

A Combination of Original and New Cast

It is fair to say that much of the buzz surrounding the show is due to the fact that some of the original cast will be returning, although some of the original roles (such as Mr. Fenny) are more than likely to be special guest appearances rather than permanent roles. The return of old characters is sure to be a hit with new fans—and the inclusion of new characters, including the titular “Girl,” will be a hook for younger fans.

It Has the Ben Savage Stamp of Approval

Best of all, Girl Meets World has the approval of Boy Meets World star (who is also set to star on the show) Ben Savage—who, in an interview, noted that the show only came to be green lit after intense talks and negotiations regarding the writing, plots and overall theme of the show. If you have an awesome satellite cable connection, you can watch Girl Meets World anytime on Disney Channel!


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