Getting to Know Glenn Rhee of The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee is a character from the famous The Walking Dead comic book series. The fictional character is played by Steven Yeun in AMC’s TV series of the same name. In the video game, the character of Glenn is voice played by Nick Herman.

In the comic book series, Glenn is simply known as Glenn- without a last name.  He is the boyfriend of Maggie, who in the latter part of the series became his wife. He also took the role of being Sophia’s surrogate father after Carol committed suicide. In the TV series, Glenn mentioned his parents as Korean immigrants who settled in Michigan.

As a Character of The Walking Dead Series

Glenn’s first meeting with Rick took place during one of the frequent visits he made to Atlanta. The trip’s purpose was to search for supplies. It was also then when he witnessed Rick getting assaulted by the walkers. He helped and guided him to safety using his handheld radio. He later explained that he helped him because he knows somebody would have helped him as well if ever he was the one being assaulted.

Delivering pizzas used to be his means to earn a living. As a character in the Walking Dead, Glenn has his own skills to offer to the group. These involved his knowledge about shortcuts, his fearlessness and agility, which are skills that proved to be a great advantage to their scavenging needs. Rick once described and introduced him as the group’s go-to-town expert. This reference was made when Rick introduced him to Maggie, Herschel’s daughter.

From that introduction, Maggie started accompanying him whenever it is time to refill their supplies. It is also during those times when the romantic relationship between the two started. He continued to be a good asset to the group even after they settled to a prison nearby. He significantly helped in protecting their new place from threats while also being Maggie’s devoted partner.

Later in the series, Glenn decided to ask Herschel’s permission to marry her daughter, Maggie. It was a decision he made with the thought of an impending attack to be made by the Governor. In the end, Herschel consented and gave him the permission to do so. Unfortunately, Glenn became infected of a deadly virus that started spreading in the prison. Good thing he was saved by a medication obtained from veterinary college within the local area. However, this still weakened him. It was the exact time when the Governor arrived as well and started attacking.

As a way to save him, Maggie put him on a bus and sent him away to safety. But he got off the bus and chased after her, but was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he was in the middle of a battle. Glenn teamed up with a woman from the camp of the governor named Tara. Along the way to Washington, they encountered Dr. Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa and Sgt. Abraham Ford. They professed to him how the virus occurred. The group also asked him to come with them, but his focus is on finding Maggie.

Soon, he eventually found a clue on how he can find Maggie. The sign stated for them to meet at Terminus. Unfortunately, they encountered walkers from the tunnel they happened to pass. Even then, he insisted on going to Terminus. After nearly dying in the tunnel, Glenn and Maggie eventually reunited.


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