Fast and Furious 7

The Beginning of Fast & Furious

Seven movies ago, Fast and Furious was simply a remake action film with a great cast and fast cars. After the movie took off and gained a following, the second film was released and received ratings just as great. Then the third movie came, and fans still loved the franchise. Critics gave the fourth installment fantastic reviews, along with the five, sixth, and now seventh. Now simply known as Furious, Fast and Furious 7 arguably has one of the strongest action casts this century.

With Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson being just some of the lead names, there’s no doubt Furious 7 is just as successful as the previous films in the series. Jason Statham, Lucas Black, and Kurt Russell are also part of the film, and Furious 7 has a strong female cast as well with Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and other notable names.


Fans of the franchise have continuously returned to the theaters to watch the releases of all seven movies, and each one has been well-received. The first movie, which hit the big screen in 2009, earned four wins and two nominations. With the popularity of the first film, the fan base of the Furious franchise soon grew into what it is today. Much of the cast has stayed the same throughout the years, which is likely one of the reasons why fans have stayed so hooked on the story line.

What some fans don’t know is that the Fast and Furious we know today was actually started back in the early 2000s with another series of movies. Some of the cast, such as Paul Walker and Ludacris, carried over from the original films. Today, the advancing technology of CGI and stunt doubles has made for a Fast and Furious franchise even cooler than the earlier films.

Paul Walker & The Alternate Ending

Paul Walker, being a cast member of the early Fast and Furious films played a big role in the series, but passed away in late 2013. Originally, the script for Fast and Furious 7 was going to lead on into another story line to continue the long-running franchise. After Paul’s passing, though, fans concurred that the story needed to be tied up and laid to rest with him.

The writers took a big step in another direction and scrapped the original ending. They instead crafted one that tied up the story line and ended the series properly. Fans who saw Fast and Furious 7 in theaters also got to see a montage at the end as the movie’s tribute to Paul Walker. While sad at his passing and the end of the franchise, fans of Fast and Furious agreed that it was better to end the movie series.

Furious 8

Shortly after the movie aired, fans began to pass around rumors of an eighth installment. While first brushed off after the alternate ending that tied up the franchise, Furious 8 has now been confirmed and has been given a release date in 2017. Vin Diesel was the one to confirm the rumors and will be leading the film. While many find this exciting news, some fans believe that there can be no Furious without Paul Walker.

Either way, it seems the billion-dollar franchise isn’t coming to an end, at least not yet. Vin Diesel gave a specific release date of April 14th, 2017. Vin also announced that Kurt Russell who was added into the seventh film will also be playing in Furious 8. Being that Paul Walker is gone, there’s a good chance Russell’s character will be expanded upon to make room for new storylines.

Even though the Furious films have traditionally been in LA, Vin said that the set would be shifted to New York City as they follow Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell). Vin didn’t reveal whether the cast would be working for or against him, but he dropped just enough clues to give fans hope for another great movie.

Vin hinted a little at the cast, mentioning that Paul’s brother, Cody Walker, would likely be seen in the movie. He also hinted that Eve Mendes and Dwayne Johnson would have a part.

The Franchise

Even with the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, it seems fans are ready for another movie that goes in a different direction, which is exactly what Furious 8 seems to be planning. The drastic changes, like changing the setting and continuing without Paul, have been readily accepted by fans, proving they love the franchise and simply want it to continue and want to see what it brings next time.


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