Famous TV Celebs Who Left Their Shows

It’s something all fans of a TV show have come to dread: when a cast member decides to leave their popular show before the show has ended. It’s not a new trend, exactly, but as many popular shows renew season after season, more and more actors are deciding to leave shows before they end for a number of reasons. The reason that an actor may leave the show before the series has ended are varied. Some actors might leave a show because they do not like the direction that the show has headed over the years or dislike the way their character is being written.

Other actors might leave a show because they feel they have exhausted their creative ability with a character and can do nothing further for the show or the role. Actors might leave a show because they want to settle down and start a family; or because they want to move to a new city or location and do not want to travel frequently to tape the show. And so on, and so on. The following are some of the more notable actors who have left—or are leaving—their shows before its series finale.

Paul Guifoyle: CSI

The latest season of CSI will be the last for actor Paul Guifoyle, who plays Captain Jim Brass on the hit crime show. Although it is unknown exactly why Paul Guifoyle has decided to leave, he has announced that the season finale of CSI in May will be his last episode.

Cote de Pablo: NCIS

Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David on the hit crime show NCIS, decided to leave the show after season 10 for unknown reasons. De Pablo, who has been with the show since the beginning, did agree to appear in season 11 for a brief time in order to fully complete the storyline of her character, but many fans were upset that she decided to leave at all.

Christopher Meloni: Law and Order SVU

Christopher Meloni had been with Law and Order: SVU since the beginning, playing the detective Stabler for over ten years from 1999 to 2011. However, a contract dispute during the show’s 12th season led Meloni to decide to leave the show over irreconcilable differences. The writers introduced other partners for Olivia Benson since Stabler’s departure, but none can fully replace her original co-star. Stream reruns of these shows when you purchase an internet package from Charter Spectrum now!


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