What to Expect from “Stranger Things” Season 2


The wildly popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, will return next year with its second season. The second season will feature nine episodes, one more than the eight episodes of the first season. Ross and Matt Duffer will continue writing for the show; the brothers are also the executive producers of the show, along with Dan Cohen and Shawn Levy. Shooting for the next season is yet to begin and therefore, there is not a whole lot of information regarding what the Duffer Brothers have planned for their viewers this season. However, there are plenty of breadcrumbs that will give curious audience members something to speculate.

The pre-season trailer of the show has added to the excitement: it features nine titles, and the fans are convinced that these are the titles of the nine episodes of season two. The producer and director of the show, Shawn Levy, said that the show will put forth some ‘next level stuff’ and that the show will mature and evolve with its young characters. In a recent interview, he said that with a show as popular as Stranger Things, it becomes really challenging for the creators to make a follow up season and not think about expectations. Referring to Hollywood, he said a part 2 of a movie can disappoint the viewers, because it is too similar to the first part. On the other hand, if the producers try and do something very different, it may backfire as well, so it’s a fine line they have to tread. As he puts it, the second season will have a lot of ‘crazy stuff,’ but the beloved characters of the show will be there for the audience to enjoy.

Other than that, the season 2 of the show has been labeled as a sequel, taking inspiration from the Academy Award winning filmmaker, James Cameron. What the showrunners love about the legendary director’s style is that he is able to keep the essence of the original intact, while giving a new direction to the story and characters in his follow up movies. They want to replicate that with Stranger Things. So, while there will certainly be new characters in the show, the story of Stranger Things will still follow the same young protagonists the fans love so much. However, Levy said that the show obviously cannot follow the characters as kids forever, and there ought to be changes on that front. The actors will grow and the characters will evolve with them.


Also, the new season is going to take place almost a year after the first one. The season one was set in the winter of 1983, while this season will take place in 1984. When the second season was on the drawing board, the discussions did sway toward a longer time jump with adult characters. But eventually, they decided on a small jump because the showrunners believe that there is still a lot of potential left in the current timeline. However, there is little information about how the show plans to fill in the audiences about the gap. All the producers have to say is that the audience members will easily know what happened in the past year.

All the lead actors are expected to reprise their roles in the sequel as well, including Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, and Gaten Matarazzo. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is rumored to be a huge part of the nine episodes of the upcoming season; however, fans will have to wait to really get an insight on how her character will exactly evolve. There is not much information about who the new characters will be and how will they play out in the story.

This season, the story is ready to go bigger now that the show has created a huge fanbase for itself. Netflix does not reveal viewership number, but according to an independent agency, Stranger Things attracted as many as 14.07 million adults in the first 35 days of its release.

Ross Duffer has made fans more inquisitive by putting out a lot of puzzles for them; he pointed out the gate to the other dimension that is open in the town of Hawkins and how it can affect the future. There can be so many mysteries hidden behind the door waiting to be solved, which is exciting for fans. He also hinted about the probability of the Monster being alive, and more curiously, about the possibility of more monsters. Now, this last bit about the ‘monsters’ is particularly interesting because the brothers had stated earlier that only one Monster was in existence. So, if there are more monsters, how did they come to be? How it will impact the story and how this development will affect the beloved characters will engage the viewers the most.



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