Emma Roberts Bio

Emma Roberts was launched into the world of acting from birth. With her aunt being Julia Roberts and her father being actor Eric Roberts, while it gave Emma a start in her career, she has since admitted that establishing her own career was tough at first. After many award, nominations, and countless performances, Emma has achieved her own career in acting and is now a well-known film and television star.

Emma Roberts was born in Rhineback New York in 1991. She gained attention instantly due to her family ties with the popular performers Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts. Emma began as a tween star with shows like Nancy Drew and her part in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous. It took her some time before she was able to establish a more professional, grown-up, and independent look, but she soon managed to do so with parts in Lymelife, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and Scream 4.


Emma’s childhood was very tough. Eric’s girlfriend and Emma’s mother, Kelly Cunningham, took Emma with her when she was only one year old, and Emma soon became estranged from her dad. She did remain close to her aunts (her father’s sisters), including famed actress Lisa Roberts and Julia Roberts. She said her favorite times were spent with Aunt Julia and that was where her love for acting originally began.

Emma was only eight-years-old when her aunt helped her score a small and uncredited role in the 2001 comedy America’s Sweethearts. Emma loved her chance on the big screen, and at ten-years-old, she started auditioning for more parts. Her next performance on screen was seen in 2001 with the movie Blow, where she played the daughter of Johnny Depp’s character. She soon earned many other small parts in various films.


Emma attended The Archer School for Girls in LA, but the majority of her education was received through homeschooling and tutoring while on movie sets. From 2004 up through 2007, Emma got her part in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous as the starring actress. She played Addie Singer, a junior high school student who wrote songs about her often-humorous and awkward life as a teenager. In 2005, the soundtrack was released in which Emma also got a part.


Around that same time, Emma was beginning to get more and more film roles for movies geared towards a “tween” audience. In 2006 she made an appearance in Aquamarine, a fantasy/comedy about two friends who discover there’s a mermaid living in a swimming pool. The next year, Emma starred in Nancy Drew.

Her many performances, while geared towards younger audiences, brought her more and more recognition as time went on, and she soon scored more and more parts in family-friendly movies like Wild Child and Hotel for Dogs throughout the 2000s.


Emma, excited to be performing but wanting to establish a more serious persona, chose to also take on more dramatic roles and made a transition into more adult-oriented films. In 2008 she was featured with Lymelife, an independent film by Derek Martini. In 2010, Emma was especially busy. Between her role as a self-mutilating teen in the comedy/drama It’s Kind of a Funny Story, she also got a role with the crime thrill She scored a romantic role with the movie Valentine’s Day where she was featured alongside her aunt, Julia Roberts, and also appeared with Chace Crawford in the movie Twelve.

Emma briefly enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College, but quickly dropped out when she realized her passion laid in performing. Shortly after she begun work with director Wes Craven with the slasher movie sequel Scream 4. She played fictional star Riley Banks in Celeste and Jesse Forever in 2011 and 2012, which was an independent romantic comedy that starred Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones.


Emma Roberts was soon one of Hollywood’s busiest young actresses. In addition to her many film and TV parts, she was going to multiple auditions and getting many small parts. In the more recent years, she had released a string of films like We’re the Millers, Adult World, and Palo Alto. These films helped her make her way into more dramatic television roles, and she has officially managed to separate herself from her previous “tween” persona.

Emma said she focuses most of her time on her career and performing in general. She’s remained single for some time, even though she has been linked romantically with Zac Efron, and her Wild Child co-star Alex Pettyfer. Other rumors have spread that she was involved with Taylor Lautner (also a cast member in Valentine’s Day), and Chord Overstreet from the famed TV series Glee. Some have even said she has dated her co-star from American Horror Story, Evan Peters.


While Emma has kept her personal life to herself, fans still love her both on-screen and off, and she is still building her dazzling career today.


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