Dick Wolf to Create Reality Show About Real Life Law and Order

Dick Wolf is best known for his role as the creator of the immensely popular and successful Law and Order television series—including the original Law and Order as well as its multiple spin-offs. But Wolf has decided to take his interest in crime and investigation to a new level by heading a new reality TV series about the real “law and order.”

The series is currently set to air on A&E, which is well known for featuring television shows about crime, investigation, law and similar topics. For now, A&E has green lit 8 episodes of the reality TV series with the potential for more episodes if the show proves itself to be popular and well-received. The show is currently filming under the title “D.O.A,” although the name may be subject to change before its premiere. It is currently unknown when exactly A&E will film the episodes or air them, but it can be expected to premiere in 2015 at the latest.

The premise of the show is this: murder cases with controversial verdicts will be re-investigated by a team of detectives who will decide whether or not they agree with the original verdict in the case. The team is currently set to include three people, all of whom have previous police or enforcement experience of varying degrees: Michelle Wood, a homicide crime police officer; Kevin Gannon, a retired police detective who worked for the New York Police Department; and Joe Schillaci, a veteran with 30 years of experience.

The twist in the show is this: the team will be reinvestigating each crime from the beginning without having knowledge of either the verdict on the case or the crime in question before they begin their investigation. In other words, they will be going into each investigation “cold,” which is intended to reduce the chance for any sort of previous bias and increase the chance of a well-rounded, evidence-based verdict on how they feel about each particular case.

Will the show be successful? Only time will tell, but crime and law shows continue to be popular with viewers every year—perhaps a testament to the success of the fictional Law and Order shows!—and if this reality TV series is anything like the fictional series that Dick Wolf has created over the years, it is sure to be a hit. To learn more about Dick Wolf and Law and Order, all you need is a speedy internet connection from Spectrum.


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