Could Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel Make a Once Upon a Time Guest Appearance?

Once Upon a Time is no stranger to Disney references—the show is, after all, produced by ABC which is part of the Walt Disney corporation umbrella. The show has featured various nods to Disney films, such as the famous ‘Hi-Ho, Off to Work We Go’ tune, the purple and green color scheme of the animated Disney Ariel transferring to Once Upon a Time’s live action version, and many quotes and quips that make Disney fans grin with delight.

But could Disney-specific characters soon be making an appearance in Once Upon a Time?

The success of Disney’s Frozen cannot be overstated—the film has surpassed the box office grosses of all other Disney films (although, as fans may note, when adjusted for inflation Snow White is still #1!) and inspired everything from song covers to elegant costumes to merchandise, which is flying off the shelves at record speed. It would come as no surprise if the very popular characters of Anna and Elsa from Frozen were to make an appearance on the show.

The producers of Once Upon a Time, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, recently made a statement that they would “honored” if either Kirsten Bell (the voice of Anna) or Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) were to make an appearance on the show. Their statement comes right after an interview with actress Kirsten Bell

She would love to bring Anna to life in live action.

There are many ways that the show could bring in these two characters, especially since the show has established that people from other lands can and do find their way to the Enchanted Forest and, of course, the “real” world that includes Storybrooke. Anna and Elsa would certainly have no problem finding their way to Storybrooke from Arendelle, and the sisters would make interesting guest characters—not to mention the show’s creative team could do some pretty wicked things (no pun intended) to create ice and snow magic effects.

Does this mean the characters from Frozen are definitely going to show up in any coming episodes or seasons? Not necessarily—but given the film’s immense popularity and the simple fact that Disney is not one to shy away from taking advantage of the popularity of its films and characters, it may be on the horizon. Check out reruns of Once Upon A Time after you sign up for a cable television plan.


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