Could a 10th Kingdom Sequel Be in the Works?

The 10th Kingdom was a special limited TV series written by Simon Moore which followed the story of Virginia Lewis, a young woman living in Manhattan with her father whose life is turned upside down when she is suddenly thrust into the fairy tale world of the ‘9 Kingdoms,’ which is currently being threatened by an Evil Queen who plans to kill the leaders of the Kingdoms and take them over for herself. The series was surprisingly mature despite its fairy tale nature, and many fans praised the fact that the series didn’t shy away from the gruesome aspects of many fairy tales—like the red hot iron shoes the Evil Queen in Snow White’s fairy tale danced in, or the painful nature of ever-growing hair, or the hungry nature of a big, bad wolf.


The series starred John Larroquette, Kimberly Williams, Dianne Wiest, Scott Cohen and Daniel Lapaine; it was very well received, but critically and through ratings, when it initially aired and it has subsequently become very popular through DVD and streaming releases.

The ending of the 10thkimberly-williams-paisley-1024x474 Kingdom had many viewers wondering if a sequel would be on its way—and in fact, after the show originally aired, the producers announced that they were working on the story for  a sequel mini-series. The sequel series was intended to be about the further adventures of Virginia, her new husband Wolf, and their child—and would have involved them returning to the world of the 9 Kingdoms as another crisis developed. However, as the years passed, no sequel came, and it was finally announced that the plans for another series had been officially scrapped.

Recently, however, insiders have been buzzing about the potential for a sequel to the series which would bring back most of the original cast. The rumors have been fueled by some social media posts from former members of the cast ,which indicate that there have been some ‘talks’ with networks and producers about finally going ahead with the new story. This news comes on the wave of popularity for fairy tale adaptations on TV; in fact, the popular ABC series Once Upon a Time has often been described by fans as being similar in tone to the 10th Kingdom.


According to TV insiders, the new story would be similar to the initial plans for a sequel—bringing back Kimberly Williams and Scott Cohen, at the very least, as Virginia and Wolf in some sort of further adventure. There is no word on whether other cast members have been considered for a return, though considering the fact that it would be a limited TV series and not an open-ended production, it is likely that whatever network picked up the sequel would be able to work out a contract.10th-kingdom-sequel

So far, however, no network has officially confirmed that a new sequel is in production. Fans of the original TV series will simply have to wait a little longer for the sequel that they have been anticipating since the year 2000.



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