Carl Grimes: A Notable Character in ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series

Many people, regardless of their age and gender have developed this strong passion and inclination to TV series. Most individuals love watching these, especially during their free time or during instances that they really do not have something to do. The good thing about watching these television series is that you can watch them while enjoying your favorite snacks or hanging out with families and friends.

'Carl Grimes' played by Chandler Riggs
‘Carl Grimes’ played by Chandler Riggs

Either way, it cannot be denied that that TV shows and series have their own way of entertaining audiences and setting up different moods and thrills. “The Walking Dead” is a famous post-apocalyptic drama and horror television series developed by Frank Darabont. This television series is originally based from the Walking Dead comic series by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The TV series is noted for its powerful cast.

One of the most notable characters in the Walking Dead is Carl Grimes.  He is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. Carl was deeply saddened when his father, who is a deputy sheriff, was injured in the line of duty and ended up in coma. The situation becomes unfortunately worst when undead walkers take over and surround the town when his dad is asleep. During this chaos, Carl decided to flee with his mother Lori and his father’s best friend and partner Shane. They run away believing that Rick was already dead who was not actually.

Soon, Carl reunited with his father. All is not completely well however;  as he becomes an adolescent, an already complicated process make it more difficult in the post-apocalyptic reality. Carl is oftentimes at odds with his father and mother and far frequently for entire group ventures and explores out into his own risky situations. Carl’s parents desperately tried to protect him all the horrors of the world wherein humans are hunted as foods by unknown monsters. However, protecting Carl has almost been an impossible and challenging task for them.

This results to Carl becoming more hardened and growing up on accelerated rate. He became increasingly concerned to be one of the tactically licensed and armed adults killing walkers. Carl Grimes, a fictional character in the Walking Dead TV series is played by Chandler Riggs. The American television series airs on AMC in the US. Carl is the son of the main protagonist Rick Grimes who is also the longest-surviving character in the story.

What makes Carl’s role more interesting is that he started as a simple and innocent child but as he grows up, he became colder and he competently makes hasty decisions that bring no good for his friends. If you are an avid viewer of this famous and highly anticipated horror and drama series, you will notice that Carl Grimes portray the role of a typical young boy adopting cold and callous personality to survive. This is exactly the behavior that puts Carl always in conflict with his own father who only wanted to protect his morality.

'Carl Grimes' talks to Rick
‘Carl Grimes’ talks to Rick

Due to Chandler Riggs’s excellent performance, he earned nomination for Young Artist Award for Best Performance in TV series category.


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